Margherita Missoni is a Gypsy Bride

Taking a break from regular programming (aka backlogs) to share with you my fascination with the ultra cool Margherita Missoni and her recent wedding (she finally tied the knot with her race car driver beau Eugenio Amos!):) I'm not really a huge fan of weddings, but this, this has got to be one of the coolest I've ever seen. Here are photos from her Gypsy themed wedding complete with caravans, gypsy bands, traveling acrobats and fortune tellers. :)

the place was adorned with Arabic mats. Everyone was encouraged to dress as gypsies:)

table setting! can you spot the Missoni pillows?


Margherita's dress was (surprise, surprise!) NOT Missoni. The dress was conceptualized 15 years ago by the bride/boho princess herself. Her mother Angela Missoni worked on it under the couture supervision of Giambattista Valli. I love the voluminous sleeves and lace appliques! It's so vintage, so pretty beyond words. The bride tweeted, "The dress was made by the women who saw me growing up, following my precise directions and with Giamba's 'couture counseling'".

 she paired it with metallic gladiator sandals--ang cool talaga!

and a silver vintage tiara as hair accessory-- so bongga.

 i also love her colorful bouquet:)

Even her bridesmaids look cool with their flowy dresses/skirts and wreaths on their head<3

The groom looked dapper as well.

The heart shaped cake is topped with berries and butterflies? Wooow.

she changed into a blush version of her wedding dress and a floral wreath for the reception.

I'd give anything to be a fly on the table at that fashion packed farm!:) Congratulations to my fashion icon!:)


  1. So beautiful Pax! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. very original and beautiful! ;)


  3. ang babaeng ito! inunahan pa ako. hmmmmpp. gusto kong maiyak, ninakaw nya ang aking idea. chos.


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