Giveaway Winners!!!

I'm sorry for the delays, the past months have been crazy coz of Bloggers Bazaar. :/ Anyway, finally, here are the winners of my past giveaways! Congratulations everyone!

Beauty & Butter Spa Date (with me and sarah!)
Congratulations Anisa Enriquez, Laila Lantaca and Alvene Anne!

*all of your answers are beautiful and amazing, but sadly I only had to choose 3. :(  Thanks so much for sharing your stories with me:)

All Dolled Up (blazer)
Congratulations Trixia Cruz!

Gifts Ahoy 
Congratulations Lorna Puno & Pauline Angeles!

Shoppe Unlimited (wallet)
Congratulations Anna May Valdez!

Romwe (dress)
Congratulations Katherine Rose Rivera!

I will be sending an email to all of you. Thanks to everyone for joining. I still have lots of giveaways lined up this month, so don't forget to check back once in a while!:)


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