Styling Stint: Status Mag + PhilStar + 2BU

It's been a while since I've shared with you my styling stints and published works. I've evolved and now has gone too lazy to take behind the scene photos + my laptop crashed 2x (wala tuloy mablog lol). Anyway, here are some of the shoots I did these past months!

 Skechers PR for The Philippine Star

This was supposed to be a Valentines article but was moved:) Thanks to Unarosa, Forever 21, Primadonna, Folded & Hung, Sebago for the clothes and shoes!:)

Skechers Editorial on STATUS Mag based on Skechers Travel In Style winning entries! One of them is Catch!:)

 I know I could have done better but I was just given 1 day to prep so I was still quite disappointed. BUT, I'm hearing a lot of good feedbacks naman so I guess I did okay?:)

Inquirer 2BU shoot with Seph & Shai as models, Jear my co-stylist and Makeup artist Marj! Shot in Heima, LRI Makati:)

Skechers x STATUS shoot
It was a little nerve wracking styling with Rosario Herrera there! But it went okay so yey. Thanks Rosario, Patty and Dan!
Photography by Miguel Miranda, Makeup by Karen Catalan
Hair by Mandy Sierra of Jing Monis Salon
Models: Marianna of W Talent Management and Diego of IM Agency

Skechers PR photography by Roy Macam, hmua Jasmine Mendiola :) Models: Mark & Jem from Reign Models

Can't wait to share with you the shoots I did for Manila Bulletin and Celebrity Living Magazine! Such an honor to be able to work with extremely creative and talented people. To my "clients": Thanks for trusting me (even if I often doubt myself, self critique eeeh) and for believing in me. After a long hiatus (last year), I've come to the conclusion that I could never give up styling. It's still a hobby for me but it's a huge part of who I am na. So with that, I'm praying for more shoots this year! Thank you Lord for everything. :) Happy Friday!:)

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  1. nice job! who are the winners of your digital traincase giveaway?

  2. Love all the outfits!! :) Congrats for this ate pax!


  3. wow.. great! you styled the models yourself?? :))

  4. that awkward moment when the stylist can be the model!


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