Blue Crush

I'm heading to my favorite city of Singapore again tomorrow! I'm so excited. Trips excite me more than shopping you know. If you're following me on twitter, then you may have witnessed my slight panic attack yesterday. I had to give up a shoot with Slater Young (yes that cutie pie from PBB!) for this trip. I tried to rebook my flight but failed (fee was $300) so I let it go. Got over it after 10 minutes! Haha. Well, I'm sure there would be other opportunities but I badly need to get away from here. So.. :) Here are outfit photos I forgot to post!

 Stylista top, Thrifted skirt, H&M necklace, Tomato orange watch

Cevanne sidewinder belt

Bedazzle bangles

I don't freaking know what to call this look. I kinda just threw everything on and walked out the door. Lol. Thanks Ai for the cute top (love the back details) and Cevanne for the belt (such a statement piece)!:)

Have a blessed week everyone!:)

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  1. love your skirt and bangles and the color of the shoes!

  2. Love this outfit ate pax! They really blend well together! Plus I bet a bigger opportunity will come to you soon! :)

  3. Sobrang love ko yung top mo, babe! :) Gorgeous design + bongga ng back part! ♥ Haha your shoes are also veryyy lovely! :">


  4. love the blue touches Ms. Aisa!

    paint it stripes

  5. don't worry sis, more opportunities will come your way! even bigger ;)

  6. Love the outfit!! =) Sexy back.



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