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So as promised, here's a more detailed post about our whole discussion at the WACOAL product briefing event 2 weeks ago. :) We learned so much about aging, proper support and how to buy the right undergarments according to age. Wacoal really takes pride in steadily providing comfort, support and style to every woman in every age. their top quality products that are made according to specific age groups and according to what women really needs. :)
Warning: Photos of boobies and butties below (haha). Showing you how our body changes overtime. Remember, each one of you is beautiful regardless of your age!

 Breast by Age.From 20s to 50s :)

Hips or Butt by age. I think it also depends on how you take care of your body though!

How the Stomach or Navel ages. 

During this day, I actually learned (from their well trained staff) that I've been wearing the wrong bra size forever. Thank you Wacoal for the enlightenment! I'm glad I caught this major blunder while I'm still at Stage 1 (okay I gave myself away nahaha). I have always known Wacoal but never really tried their products (just being honest) coz I had this perception that it's super expensive. Well now I say it's worth it. Why settle for a P300 brassiere that doesn't really give you the right support you need? Wacoal might be a tad bit expensive but that's because you're actually paying for their top quality merchandise, the most innovative undergarments & the best service. Here's what happens when you don't wear the right undergarment...

the cups are slightly protruding and it always go up! Annoying.

the back panel should always be aligned

Choose the right girdle for you!
Photo 1 shows the right girdle fit for stage 1. 
Photo 2 shows stage 2 aging of hips and using the girdle made for stage 1.
Photo 3 shows the right fit of girdle for stage 2.

 Choose the right bra for you!
Left top:  Front-back photos show the right bra fit for a woman in her 20’s. 
Left below:  Front-back photos show a woman in her 40’s wearing a bra fit for a woman in 20’s.
Right photo:  A right fit of bra for a woman in her 40’s.

I'm happy to say that there is actually something you can do to prevent or control your body from transitioning (from stage 1 to 4) quickly. All it takes is proper support and you're all set. :) Wacoal got you covered! It's amazing how their products really targets the needs of each woman under their specific age range, lifestyle & style. They also sell high quality girdles and body shapers too! Most of the bloggers present took one home!:)

With Wacoal's state-of-the-art and stylish products, women can have a beatiful body at any age.

Underwear that emphasizes the shape of the breasts, waists and hips for 20s.

Brassieries with underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric/bone and girdles for 30s.

Bras with wider straps and side panels to support breasts, shoulders and back for 40s.

Photo from that day! Ms. Ann at the 20s undergarments area. I got that bandeau!! Abusing it hehe:)

Again, this is the right way of wearing your bra. Lean, Hook, Gather, Gather, Pull down to adjust:)

I am now a Wacoal convert. I threw away 3/4s of my bra collection! I think every woman deserves the best, so go for the expert, Wacoal na. :) As for me, I have to save up for my next Wacoal purchase! But for now, I have to abuse these lovely items I got instead...

The first corset which I really loved! It doesn't look tacky and it hugs my body like a glove. heh.

i should really buy a new set coz I use these babies all the time!

my pumped up butt! wearing Wacoal's butt enhancer (okay fine my secret is out haha)

Know the perfect underwear for you! (not yet too late)Visit http://www.wacoal.ph/.

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  1. Wow! These are pretty interesting to look at! xoxoxo

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  3. i share the same secret :) hehe


  4. Buti pa kayong mga babae may pandaya. lol!


  5. Your side comments are too funny! Glad to know this info, too! ;)


  6. Very comfortable bra.
    I have worn this style for years, love it!
    I would recommend wacoal and just my size bras to my friends.


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