Postura Day 19: Escape with MEMO

I've always had this notion that MEMO is just a brand for the office/working class, but I was surprised when I visited their Galleria branch coz they actually have pieces (colored ones) for me. Here's how you could wear MEMO pieces outside the confines of your 4-corner room! (In my case, to a client shoot at Pico De Loro Beach Club:)) *no makeup look again heehee


 MEMO kicks off the season with a collection of work wear perfect for a summer in the metro or for outof-town work-related getaways. This season, upgrade your corporate closet with cool and fresh work
clothes and prepare for an URBAN ESCAPE.

 MEMO’s summer collection is all about relaxed and comfortable pieces. Hardworking urbanites stuck in
the cold walls of the office then stepping outside in the blasting heat of summer can still maintain their
fresh and sophisticated air in typical MEMO fashion.

The classic check and stripes collared shirts and polos in cool colors are must haves for men for this
summer. Partnered with a light jacket, this casual look can instantly turn into a power outfit. Ladies, on
the other hand, will enjoy classic, minimalist designs in contrasting vibrant summer colors.

Yellow sleeveless top (with belt which I'm not wearing here) from MEMO!

Spice up your wardrobe with fresh and cool pieces from MEMO’s summer collection. Whether you are
spending summer in or out of the city, MEMO can make that URBAN ESCAPE happen for you.

 MEMO sleeveless top, IAAH shorts, PINKAHOLIC necklace,  MAUVE gray bracelet, ENVY yellow bracelet, KEDS sneakers

Wearing 2 proudly Pinoy made pieces in this post--first is my chic & sleek Memo sleeveless top that actually comes with a matching ribbon belt. :) Next is this gorgeous custom made tribal shorts from It's All About Hue. :) 

 Inverted Commas Baby Blues tote bag  

This lovely tote was sent all the way from Italy! The print is so me noh?:) Used it to carry my stuff all day.:)  See more designs HERE

Ending this post with MEMO's latest campaign photos. Spot DJ Callum! Hehe.

 That's all for now! Heading out later--videoke night with Ana, Sarah and the rest of the gang.  Have a happy weekend!:)


  1. i like this outfit!! i LOVE your customized tribal shorts!!

    paint it stripes
    New Outfit post is up, Hope you can check it out :)

  2. The shorts is so cute, perfect pair w/ the yellow top!

  3. love the shorts!! <3


  4. I so love all your accesories. Where did you get them? I feel so honored that you visited my blog, who has been up close personal with some of the best bloggers like Stephanie Dy and the others. Definitely followed you, I hope you follow back also :)



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