Postura Day 17: HAPPY EASTER!

I am currently at my parent's house in the far far away land of Marikina and I'm enjoying it! No stress, and my Mom's treating me like a queen. Lols. She must really miss me. Haha. Anyhoo, I'm just really glad I was finally able to spend some time with the family. Been super MIA lately due to work commitments. Also met up with a friend's girlfriend last night and went to an impromptu party at Sarah's. Here's what I wore! Photos taken & edited with my HTC Desire phone... 

Jellybean denim shirt, from facebook yellow shorts, Manels leopard flats

 borrowed from my bro belt, Stylista ring, Pinkbox pink hair tie, Kimbel yellow bag

 For this Postura post, I'm wearing Philippine made pieces from Jellybean and Kimbel. :) I'm not sure if the others are locally made but at least they all look good together. Heh. Not wearing makeup again and I think I need a hair regrower thingy! I can see my scalp na eeep!

Anyway, continuing my post with what transpired afterwards. So Mich and I met up with the girlfriend of one of our friends who died last January. It was a sudden and violent death that we were all left shocked over what happened up until now. What happened was she was on her way home from closing their shop in Binondo with her brother when 4 armed men blocked them, a few steps away from their house. A few freakin steps. The robbers shot both of them without even declaring holdup. They shot them even after she pleaded not to. Her brother was shot 2x and she once, but hers was more fatal coz it passed through her major organs. They said her eyes were filled with tears when they saw the body hours after she died. Anyway, we met up with her girlfriend to comfort her as she said she was going insane. Imagine going through all that, and to top it all off she died on the day of their anniversary at the exact time they became a couple. Haidee (our friend) was supposed to meet up with her to celebrate their anniversary but she never heard from her again, lost forever. Double heartbreak. :/ We spent 3 hours talking about Haidee and all of our words were of how wonderful of a person she was even if life was a little hard on her. She was pure Chinese and she was a lesbian, so imagine her ordeal. Even if her family nearly disowned her she still stayed positive, not letting anything bring her down, told them she would rather stand on her own than change who she was. Wow. I wish I could be that strong and brave. She spent her life being happy, making people happy, while fighting for what she believes in and who she is. So up until now, we still couldn't understand how a beautiful soul could be taken in a blink of an eye. She was just 27 years old. I wish the perpetrators (one of them is a freakin cop) would be brought to justice soon. There time may not be now but karma would eventually find them. It always does. I also hope her GF finds the peace she needs soon. I know it was Haids who brought us together coz Mich messaged her GF one day out of the blue. She just thought of Haids and she suddenly had this nagging feeling to check up on her GF.  I think it was her way of telling us she needed help and comfort. Moving on is a long & grueling process and it's never easy, but baby steps is better than not moving at all. Taking one small step is a feat when hope is scarce and love is only drowning you in sorrow. Another step forward, I think that's what happened last night. She may still feel beaten most of her days but I know faith will save her. :) So guys, remember, time is precious! Life is too short to waste on irrelevant things. LIVE NOW. :) "Today is life - the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Dale Carnegie"

Happy Easter:) I love you Lord.

P.S. I feel like dancing & jumping up and down coz I just got over the 2k followers mark!!! I feel so blessed and grateful and overwhelmed. I can't thank all of you enough for sticking with me through these years. :) Thank you for being with me everyday (or most of my days) as I try and continuously find my purpose, treading through my crazy/beautiful life one day at a time. Hope you stick around coz I'm not going anywhere, and I hope you know that after all these time I'm still the crazy old me trying to share my life to the crazy old yous.:) Love to everyone:)

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  1. Happy Easter Pax! <3

    Nikki of Inside The Closet

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. :( Love the outfit and the photos! The image quality is great for a phone! xx


  3. love the denim shirt!! <3


  4. goosebumps..:(

    i love the cutout polo.

  5. that's so sad...so tragic

  6. I am so moved by this post. I too am undergoing loss right now, though not through death but a really hurtful breakup. I just keep the faith that God will pull me through this. I hope that your friend will be able to heal after everything.

  7. I love it! it's so beautiful


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