The Coolest Sunblock in Town: SUNPLAY's SPF 130!

Finally! HALLELUJAH! A sunblock with the highest sun protection is now out in the market! I'm seriously doing the happy dance. You all know how I hate the sun coz I get dark within 5 minutes of sun exposure. I'm sure you all know how harmful the sun's rays are to our skin. It could cause great damage on our skin causing wrinkles, freckles, sun burn, skin inflammation or even cancer (yikes!). So I'm happy to share with you guys my latest sunblock discovery--SUNPLAY!!! 

Sunplay originated from Japan and offers SPF 130, the highest in the market. I've seen SPF50 or 75 but never 130! So imagine my excitement when I received these in the mail....

It's waterbased, so it's not sticky or it doesn't feel heavy when applied. I love!

Extra skin protection!
Different SPFs for your liking!

Used it at our mini swimming party at Sarah's condo last Saturday. Love it!

They also have an ongoing contest/promotion! Head over to SUNPLAY's facebook page for more info:)

SUNPLAY is available at Watsons & SM Department Store:)

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