Z Loft Affair + Postura Day 6

Had an eventful Saturday when I attended a makeup workshop (with ze Marj Sia) early afternoon, and then proceeded to ZALORA Philippines' (a new hip online shopping site) headquarter after for the Style Buy Blogger Challenge! Both were equally fun and memorable! :) Here's what happened at the Z Loft where we had a fabulous time shopping, eating and camwhoring to death (lol). But first what I wore...

 Thrifted top & skirt, Jhajing belt, Jellybean wedges

custom made Martina Martina necklace, Anagon wire name ring

from Supersale bag, custom made Bubbles bracelet

Chose my underused red wedges from Philippine clothing brand Jellybean and custom made accessories from Martina Martina, Anagon and Bubbles!:) So many amazing local online shops if you just look close enough! Pinoy Pride!:)

Here are the rest of the photos!
my assigned laptop!

blogger loves/classmates Alyssa, Lexi, Tin and Kaye!

Serious online shopping mode!

love the chill set-up!

Marketing Manager Arianne Kader briefing us on what will happen and what Zalora is all about.

Seatmate Tracy and her friend Mara!

My shopping cart! Can you see what I bought?:)

Ensembles top and babydoll oxford flats!

Shopping at Zalora was as easy as 1-2-3! It's so easy it scares me coz it's really a wallet burner. Lols.

After a few minutes... a delivery for me! Hihi. Can I just say, I love the packaging! So shushal.

Like Christmas morning! Haha

just one of the many shoes I saved on my wishlist!

So we were asked to browse through the site to get first hand experience of what Zalora online shopping is all about. It didn't disappoint! It took less than 30 minutes to purchase what was on my wishlist and have it delivered to me. Quick, efficient, convenient. Just the way I like it. :) We then wore our purchases and took photos for the Style Buy contest. :)

with Zalora's Marketing Manager and Founder:)


with tracy and alyssa

with Kat Dy! Her sister was the one who made the necklace I was wearing! So cool!

with the oh so pink and oh so pretty Helga!

Bloggers with the Zalora team. Thanks for the awesome experience!:)

Now, don't say I didn't warn you 'coz even browsing could be sinful! It's so addicting! It's truly a one-stop shop where you can shop your favorite brands. They have a wide range of products-- dresses, tops, shoes, accessories --which you can buy from the comfort of your homes or office desk and have it delivered to you in 3 hours. Wow db?? :) They even have different modes of payment to cover all bases-- Gcash, Bank deposits, Paypal and Cash on Delivery! Now that's  what I call top quality customer service. Go ahead, try it, I know you want to!:)


  1. Pa grab ng photos.. Thankss! It was nice seeing you again :)


  2. Wow Madam Aisa, you're such a trendsetter!!! All of you look fab there!

  3. love the outfit! :)


  4. Zalora's really interesting! :) Bongga lang ng after a few hours, andyan na ang delivery!! Exactly what shopaholics need! ♥♥ Ganda mo girl!


  5. that oxford pair is also on my wishlist. :)

  6. that oxford pair is also on my wishlist! :)

  7. Nakakabaliw yung 3 hour delivery nila! Haha mahirap yan for online impulse buyers like me :P Sunugan ng wallet hahaha! :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  8. where do you get your thrifted clothes? :)

  9. do you sell wedges or accessories


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