Where you at the PLATFORM?

The PLATFORM Show last Sunday held at the Ronac Center has got to be one of the coolest events I've ever been in (given it was organized by the uber cool Sarah Meier). :) Catch, Tracy, Mich and I spent hours looking at amazing locally made merchandise as well as people watching. I swear, it was like a mini Fashion Week or I felt like we were at Harajuku lane. Heh. Everyone's so fashion forward! Also saw a lot of celebrities there. Anyhoo, here are photos I snapped at the event!

The Postura Team!:)

Peace Love Fashion's owners Reg & Ingrid! Finally bought that skirt!:)

 At Chocolate Clothing's truckie with owner Finina & Marketing Director Rumples!

cute set-up!

Paradigm Shift picks!

love this maxi dress!

The Flying Dutchman booth! Hi Jonathan! (owner)

Cool shoes made of paper! And it's waterproof! Bongga!

retails for P3k-4k+

The Postura Wall! Amazing illustration by Soleil Ignacio<3

with Erika and Rhain of Get Sole & Joyce of La Senza:)

with mah girl Erika of Get Sole!:) 

With Arriane of the Postura Project, my style twin that day!:) Love yah girl!

nice seeing you again Kuya Jowee! (Team Manila owner and my orgmate in college)

Love all of Antler's accessories!

 Secret Paris shirts and Redhunt accs!

GooGoo & Gaga shirts!

Tequila with the Zalora team!

SOFA meets Zalora! Hehe

thank you SOFA for this wonderful tote!

Hello David!

with Jacque of Stylebible!

Thysz and his deadly accs hihi Love!!!

Change outfit! In Paradigm Shift!:) Looove

Also met up with my loves Dee (have to get used to calling her Deniesse!). Welcome back to the outside world Bakssss! We misseeeed yeew. And ang ganda mo lng che! Lol.

reunited! Haha

Seriously, if you weren't there then you just missed half of your life. Chos OA pero d nga. Lol. Pinoy Pride! That's all folks. <3

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  1. Looks fun! Great photo's! :)


  2. Hello Aisa! Is it okay if I use your photo with my work on my blog? Hihi thanks! :>

  3. wow. friend nyo po si deneisse? how come?

    1. She's a former officemate! She was our HR officer:)


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