See You at PLATFORM!

What is PLATFORM Manila? It is Manila's First Youth Culture Convention on March 18, 2012, SUNDAY, at The Playground, Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Ave. :) I'll be there the whole day at the Chocolate Clothing booth so see you and pls say hi!:)

40 booths, a central blogger and guest lounge, a DJ booth and stage. Live music, art, and energy. The Platform event becomes kilometer zero for the day as the country's youngest and most dynamic designers, creators, and entrepreneurs exercise their style, networking, sales, and marketing skills. The event aims to be the youth's first "grown up" culture convention, as well as an opportunity for the market to understand the scope of what kids today are capable of.

Selling opportunities, as well as a literal screen and stage, a well curated crowd, and an energy hub become the key elements to harnessing the explosive potential of our young, creative, global Philippines.

In my love Alyssa's words ---"It's sort of like a bazaar...only cooler! HAHA There are booths selling stuff, (some are blogger owned like Reg's Peace Love Fashion and Mike and Karl's Paradigm Shift!), a DJ the whole time, live art, ALCOHOL, a blogger lounge and a kick ass program that includes a fashion show (which a few bloggers will be joining!). The whole idea of this event is to bring together fashion, streetwear and art and also serve as a 'platform' (hence the name!) for local and independent brands. Support the industry! :D  It's actually organized by Sarah Meier and her husband Banj Albano.".
 Sounds pretty cool! All roads lead to Ronac on Sunday, so see you there!!!!:) Wear something Pinoy while you're at it!:)

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