Raffles Design + Benefits Salon

Been going to lots of meetings nowadays for the upcoming Bloggers United Summer Bazaar. It's tiring but worth it! Wish us luck!:) So Ana and I went to Raffles Design Institute last week  to meet with it's owner and their marketing person Meg. Nosebleed galore but it went great! Finally got the chance to visit & tour the campus. :) But first, what I wore!

Thrifted top, Posh Wardrobe trousers, +-x% collar tips, from Mich mom shoes

It's funny how Ana and I ended up wearing almost the same outfit! Same peg lang. Hehe. We both wanted to look sleek and chic for the meeting. Pumped up an otherwise classic outfit with my new collar tips from PlusMinusTimesDivide and my leopard heels which was a hand me down from Mich's mom!

Here are the rest of the photos!
with pretty Meg! Thanks for the tour!



student's lounge area

interior design classroom!

fashion merchandising/marketing classroom.


fashion design, pattern making

MAC room!

graphic design room:)

That ends our tour! RAFFLES is an international design school that is relatively new (they've only been here 2010) but already making a mark. Seriously, they have the best facilities and teachers so kahit mahalia super worth it naman. They don't offer short courses so you really need to be 100% decided if you enroll. Visit their website for more infos!:)

After RAFFLES, Ana and I decided to kill time by you guessed it right, eating na naman. Haha. Decided to try out Sweet Bella cafe this time. It's a little pricey but as you know walang pricey pricey sa taong super mega gutom!

strawberry shake, yum

 mango cake! tastes like ref cake, winner!

my P300+ longganisa meal. Yummy sha in fair!

Camwhoring in white!

We parted ways afterwards and I headed straight to Benefits Style Salon in Eastwood. Nothing beats an amazing pampering session after a long day!

cupcakes by Sonja!

most of my blogger loves were almost done with their services when I got there

Mani/Pedi first!

Love this color! forgot what it's called though. Heh. 

Had my hair colored again! It was mostly retouched. I love that they're very precise and careful!:)

Helga and her super awesome neon pink hair!

Had my eyebrows shaved as well (too chicken to try threading! maybe next time hehe)

in fair bet ko my eyelashes here! hehe. Love my new brows after!

with the very fasyown owners, Robina and Roseann! They also own Azta!:) Thanks again!

Bloggers with the owners and the Megaworld peeps!:)

Thanks again Benefits for treating us like queens! Will be back soon. Oh and they're having a promo! Parang I wanna digiperm again. Heh.

Here's the price list:)
(grabbed from tracy)

Thanks again to the gorgeous Ko sisters, Megaworld and to Kira for the invite!:) Follow Benefits Salon on Facebook for updates! =D

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  1. The salon looks so nice! Love your yellow trousers, the fit is awesome!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. You're welcome Pax! See you soon :)

  3. wow!! interesting!! want to try a new look and colored hair this summer!!


  4. Oooh! like Helga's hair. 'cept my mom's (and maybe most the people i know) gonna freak out if get loud hair color.


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