Postura Day 15: Bluer than Blue

I'm sorry if I had to delete my Olay and Wacoal posts, had to edit some stuff but I'll be posting it again soon. Anyway, had a busy Thursday last week! Did last minute pullouts, watched the Hunger Games special screening and also surprised a friend.:) Here are photos from that day starting with my outfit...

 Anti Fashion dress, Ruckus triangle necklace, Bedazzle neon necklace & bangle, JCUBE colorblock wedges

Built my outfit around my lovely new dress from Anti Fashion Manila! Love the pleated skirt and the color combi of blue and gray/silver. :) It's also super easy to dress up or down. I will be wearing this again soon! Didn't want to look so dainty so I wore locally made neon necklaces with it. And I know, I know you're ogling at the shoes! I still am too. I super love this colorblock wedges sent by JCUBE! It's a little too high for me but it's surprisingly comfy. They have super nice shoes and they're actually prettier in actual (saw Sarah's and I wanted to steal hers hehe).

Speaking of Postura, here's another Filipino clothing brand that's so dear to me! Drool over Jellybean's new collection. I did. Prints and colors galore!

I seriously wanted everything!:)
*photos from Jellybean, Eastwood branch*

After my pullouts, I ran to Rockwell for the Hunger Games special screening c/o Skechers!:)
there were mini games sponsored by Skechers, Meralco and Discovery Channel!

my date

free popcorn!

I don't want to be a spoiler but the movie was amazeballs! You should definitely watch it (if you haven't already). After the show, I ran to Barcino, Greenbelt for Vern's surprise bday party organized by her lovey Dondi and sister Verniece. :) Vern's already there when I arrived (movie ended late) but it was still fun catching up with everyone and showing her We love her!:)

Vern's friends from all walks of her life:)

pretty bday girl


Vern's DLSU friends:)

Baguio girls!

we love you!! :)

That's all for now! Catching up on backlogs so expect another post later!:)


  1. love the outfit!!! :)


  2. Love your wedges, babe! :) Ganda mo here! ♥ And I also admire Jellybean's new collection. Very summer-y ang vibes!



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