Postura Day 10: Shepherd Robe

My day 10 Postura look (was supposed to post this earlier but had a Gong Cha date with Catch & Mich which ended up into a 2-hour tambay sesh hehe)! This is my i'm-too-lazy-to-dress-up look. Just grabbed a simple dress and threw this bonggang long sheer cardigan over it. Hee. Wore this to a quick meeting at Greenbelt!:)

Thrifted dress, Closet Chic robe, Martina necklace, Bedazzle bangle, H&M flats

I'm loving this custom made long printed robe (perfect for summer!) sent by Closet Chic. I also have this in floral and you've already seen the plain blue one. Lakas maka statement! It's perfect with my Bedazzle bangle noh? This bangle was inspired after the Philippine flag! Sooo Postura!:)  And of course you've already seen this Martina Martina rope necklace made by Kat Dy's sister. :)

Here are some new stuff I received (and bought, hala!) this week...
glitter pumps from PRP. So pretty. I think this is P1100

shoes from JCube Boutique & So Fab! Thank yoouuuu!:)

bag from JCube Boutique:)

peach tone blush ons from Ellana (P100 each) and Brush Cleaner (P175)!

Pretty clothes from In Beauty! Thanks Beth!:)

More posts tomorrow, andami kong backlogs!!! Arrrgh. That's all. Goodnight!:)


  1. I love your silky kimono, and blue accents look perfect!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. love the robe!! :)


  3. Bagay nga the bangle and robe! :)


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