Of Bras & Shoes, Yes.

Lame lame lame title. Lol. But this is how my Saturday went, trying on undergarments and shoes! Aylavet. Went to the Wacoal product briefing first where I learned a lot about aging and sagging and boobies and asses. Hehe. Seriously, I got praning after. Will blog the details soon. But in conclusion, I learned that I've been wearing the wrong bra size all this time! Whuuuut. Yeah, super fail. Thank you Wacoal for the enlightenment! Heeh. 

Wacoal's Chief Operating Officer Ms. Ann discussing the different undergarments according to age range.

Wacoal brassiere has all the right support you need

The correct way of wearing your bra! Lean, lock, gather, gather and pull! 

Talk on our body, aging and the support it needs.

After the talk (and after learning our correct sizes), we were then assisted by their In-House trainors as to what undergarments suit us the most. Meet Ate Lourdes! She was super helpful and I couldn't be happier with all the products I took home. :)

Ate Lourdes packing my hauls!

Thank you!

Had a great time bonding with blogger friends too:)
with Helga

 with Tracy

 with Ms. Ann!

Thank you Wacoal, Trixie and Maris of Nuffnang!:) After the event, I headed straight to Shangrila Mall to visit SO! F.A.B. and to pick up my shoes. Shoegasm as usual!

the one that got away! so pretty. 
very Chanel-ish noh? cuuute

i'm obsessing over red shoes lately!

my picks:)

 it took me 15 minutes to finally decide what to bring home. haha

summer platforms

love the display

classic and chic

 Of course you already know what I took home. Outfit post next!

Ending my post with my Wacoal hauls! They're my first Wacoals and I pledge that starting today, only Wacoal will touch my you-know-what. Lol. Follow them on Facebook!:)

Black corset for P2k+ (it doesn't look tacky and fits like a queen)

(top-bottom) Peach brassiere, Black bandeau and Butt enhancer (oh yeaaa hehe)

Saw anything that caught your fancy?:)

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  1. Only Wacoal touches my boobies! And their bras are super tibay ha, I just realized that my Sorciage bras from 2010 are still in good condition.

  2. I love the black corset! :)
    Btw, cute shoe picks! :)


  3. Interesado ako sa wacoal! :D And yung tip ni sarah sa rustans haha! excited to shop and have a budget na talaga for lingerie shopping! :)

  4. No photos of you in the corsets? ;)



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