February Sendoff Hauls

Hello March! Oh how time flies noh? The heat is now becoming unbearable as summer approaches. I hate iiiit. I hate sweating, light dressing (goodbye layers, goodbye sweaters), the sun and most especially the increase on our electric bill. Haha. On a lighter note, here are some of the pretty little things I received last week! :)

Bangles from Looking for Lola. Got them on sale!!!

N7 perfume from Human. Thank you for the surprise gift! In fairness, bet ko the smell!:) And I'm super picky when it comes to perfumes! :)

classic and chic flats from Tribute! Can't wait to wear this! Thanks Daryl!:)

Unarosa mullet dress. Inlove! Thank you Anya!:)

Lovely velvet blazer and top from PINKaholic! Gaaaah so pretty!:) Thanks Sheila!:)

Romper from Clothes Off Designs. Will be giving this away so watch out for it!!!:)

HEADWARE is often used by sport enthusiasts, travelers, mountaineers. But don't you know that they are fashionable too? Not to mention, multi-purpose!

many ways of wearing it. Nakakaloka!

fasyown prints! of course you already know my fave!:)

as a turban,scarf or bonnet! will use this in an outfit post soon!:)

These are my SM Accessories loots! Thanks Sir Tinnie and Diane:)
transparent organizer bags for my bracelets! lavet!

space saver and easy storage!

Crochet hat, belt and long neckace!:) 



  1. Love all the stuff you got, babe!! :) Namimiss na kita teyyy! See you sa Supersale! I'll definitely visit you and Ana!


  2. Wow those bracelets are beautiful!
    I want them haha.
    They also fit your style :)
    District of Fashion

  3. I love everything :) especially the accessories <3

    Btw, I hope you can join my blog's birthday giveaway here: http://dressmeupbuttercup.tumblr.com/post/18546746219/dressmeupbuttercups-birthday-giveaway

  4. and I'm totally drooling over your haul, Aisa!!! :D lab-et babe!! :D

  5. Love the romper!! :)


  6. omg those bangels are amazing.and i love the velvet top<3<3. nice!

  7. ang vintage-looking nung white pendant! Very pretty. Also, I like how you use transparent bags for your accessories. I uses boxes kasi, which tend to collect dust.

  8. Thanks for blogging about the accessories, Aisa! :) Hope you're enjoying them!

  9. nice bangles!!! i love HeadWare!!!


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