Baguio Adventure: Panagbenga Parade

This post concludes our fun Baguio experience. Here's what happened on our last day when we watched the Panagbenga Parade (Flower Festival) from PLDT office's rooftop and where we ate & thrifted to death. Lol. Photos! (sorry for my weird outfit photos, just woke up when we shot it. Lol)

 Pinkaholic dress, Topshop tights, Forever 21 brogues

Here are the rest of the photos!

 Session Road


People were there as early as 5am to get good seats for a better view! Crazy. It's a good thing we're with PLDT, so we watched from PLDT's rooftop!:)

Us with the PLDT peeps

Then the parade began! I was super excited that Mich kept giving me that weird look. Haha.
City Officials, DEP-ED and VIPs

Korean delegation. 

Angry Birds! Kyooot

Our fave---Star Wars!



Cute!!! can you spot Princess Lea, Yoda, R2-D2?

SM's float!

there were some boos on the side and people who were holding "Save the Trees" signs 

 Men in Black


formation pa!

TV 5 float

can you spot the celebrities on board?

Mang Inasal

My Beloved with Dingdong Dantes & Marian River on it

Iiiit's SHOWTIME! Best float ever. They were so interactive and lively!

Vice Ganda!


Love the fountain in the middle of the CASINO float

Finale float

Insane crowd. What was your favorite float???

Here are photos of us during the parade! We were mostly glued to our devices because of PLDT's free wifi #baguiowifi. Heehee. That explains the excessive tweeting. Sorry guys.

tweet tweet

 Picture picture!

Thank you Tribal DDB and PLDT for the amazing experience as well as the free wifi!

And that ends my Baguio post! The question is, where would you want PLDT to bring the Free Wifi Zone next??? Comment away!


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