Solstice in Fuji

As some of you know, my other spare Dell laptop died AGAIN. Mich officially crowned me the DELL destroyer! It's hardrive suddenly stopped working, out of nowhere. OMG WTF FML. Lahat na ng acronyms gow. Kaloka na ha. I lost some important files and photos again!!! I have 4 sets of unposted outfit shots, our Hongkong pics, our Carlos Celdran Intramuros tour (this broke my heart the most!) and many more. Hay. But I can't bring it back, can I? Got over my misery after 10 minutes of whining. Now I'm using my original laptop (had no choice but to have it repaired, no more spare laptops na!) and I wish and pray (sprayan pa ng pixie dust) that it lives kahit for 1 year lang pls. Lol. 

Anyway, here's a quick post! Lost all my BTS photos for this so I'm sharing the final photos instead. This was shot last week lang! Thanks to my Manila Bulletin fam for publishing this agad:)

Styling by: Me
Photography: Tin Lorico
Assistant Styling: Kaye Awatin
Hair & Makeup: Diane Lorenzana
Model: Maan Marquez at PMAP
Casting: Yeoh Egwaras

Thank you Xernan Orticio, Yako Reyes, Golddot, Primadonna, Bubbles, Bedazzle, Envy, Eric delos Santos

Japanese inspired. :) Hope you like it! I still have lots of pending posts. If only I could figure out how to fix my laptop's graphic shiz. I hate iiit! Have to snooze, styling gig later. Toodles!:)

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  1. i so love the dresses and oh the shoes are damn HOT!! you've nailed it!

  2. Love the styling, sis! :) Bet ang peg! ♥ You're doing great as usual! Congratulations!


  3. Aw! Sorry for you. I would die too if that happened to me D: But I have an electrical engineering student for a brother so I really don't worry much.. But still.. Life moves on! Kaya pala, I was actually expecting some Carlos Celdran post :O

    Almira :)

  4. You did a great job!


  5. Great styling, as always!!! :)


  6. Pax! Thank you so much for the great opportunity! Hope it's not the last.. love working with you!


  7. Love the styling here Pax :)

  8. Always love reading about your styling gigs! So sorry to hear about your laptop! Losing so many photos esp. travel photos is a major ouchie!

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