PREVIEW Jan-Feb '12 Issue

This has got to be one of my favorite issue of theirs. Scroll down to find out why!:) I scanned some of my favorite pages and gave commentaries below. You still have to buy it to know the full details! C'mon, you know it's worth it. :)


How to wear white. Go white this summer!:)

inspiration for cold weather dressing! you can still look chic even with all those layers:)

The joy of traveling:) (love this!)

A feature on Sarah Meier!

how to come up with the perfect neons and nude makeup:)

a discussion on different hair colors! Daryl looks gorgeous noh?
Fashion Week's Top 10 Creations!

my first reaction: OMG sa quiapo talaga sila nagshoot! And award the Jerome Ang dress sa wet market!

 and of course, the controversial Charice feature!

 For stylist's like me, I especially love that they included designer's lookbooks in this issue!
Fashion Watch designers

My favorite! Inserts featuring the 2011-2012 Summer Trends! :)

Ang wow, bongga the back of the inserts! Fashion icons as greek gods & goddesses:) Love the illustration! Who drew this?

That's it! Do buy/grab a copy na of Preview magazine!:) Super worth it. As a stylist, this issue would help me a lot. So thanks Preview!:)

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  1. i still have to get me a copy. now im excited!

    perfumed red shoes

  2. I agree! This is my favorite Preview issue too! The editorial was inspired...gusto ko yung effect na couture whilst in ordinary Filipino scenes. The lookbook was amazing too! Even if this issue was thinner, the best naman ang content. Quality over quantity!



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