Denim Love

A quick post before I take a quick nap. We have a family outing later! Yahooo. Nothing beats spending much needed R&R time with the fam. My uncle would be picking us up at exactly 6am. Ang aga muhlach lang! Kaloka. But I'm so excited coz the place is gorgeeee! :) We'll be staying at the JE Camp Hotel & Resort. Click click to view the place.:) Anyway, here are outfit shots from one of my pullout days...

Thrifted top & skirt, Mango boots, H&M bag & necklace

Worked my outfit around my thrifted denim top. Paired it with my handpainted denim skirt which I've been wanting to wear again for the longest time. :) Denim on denim forever! Hehe. 

ENVY colored leather bracelets

These lovely bracelets were sent by Ann of ENVY. Giiiirl, I love you na talaga! You all know how obsessed I am with wrap leather bracelets, so imagine my excitement when I got these (plus some more equally nice stuff) in the mail! Felt like Christmas during my Polly Pocket days. Haha. Lovely colors, perfect fit, lock closure. Bracelets made in heaven. :) So go get yours now by visiting ENVY on Facebook, joining their contest or joining my giveaway. Your choice. :) 

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Wow! Great combi! :)
    I love your shoes.


  2. I have the same denim top too! :)


  3. Bet ko talaga lagi mga clothes mo, Pax. Want! Want! WANT!!! Haha.


  4. Love the skirt! So cute! xx



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