Coke-Bench Fashion Show

I felt really lucky and honored to have been chosen as one of the few bloggers who were asked to cover the Coke-Bench Fashion Show last January 28 at Trinoma, as part of the Coca Cola 100 Years project. As a Fashion Correspondent we were given the VIP treatment talaga! Bongga. But more than that, it's not everyday I get to be a part of a truly unique and momentous event, wherein 2 iconic Filipino brands who've been part of every Filipino's lives joined forces to bring a complete, new line of hip, energizing a co-branded apparel and merchandise collection for the new breed of Filipino teens and teens-at-heart- the Coca-Cola Originals by Bench. Here are photos from the event!
 andaming spectators

spot vern!

 spot david!

 Enchong Dee nakaharness, gusto nio yan! haha

 practicing the finale. spot director extraordinaire Robby Carmona!

 i didn't know na may live tweets! Lol

 the fashion correspondents Alex, Cheyser, Ava, Krissy with Vern's sister Verniece and mommy Earth:)

 iiiit's showtime!


 Coca Cola Philippines President

 happy 100 years!!!
 UE cheerdancers!
 Philippine All-Stars!

 hanggaling nila!!
 pretty vern!

 go bloggers!
irish and hye!

 natasha (my hermes shoot model) being cute!

one of my fave models! you've seen her on the primadonna show and mango styled by ad:)
 love her pants!

 So cute! (sorry Hye mejo nakaclose your eyes!)
 fashion bloggers went cray cray over the sequined jackets we saw on the runway!
 i think this is roco? or not.

 james chua

 dancing while modeling. bongga!

 julia & kathryn
 joseph something. super cute!:)

 Like a god lang. Haha. Spell Grand Entrance? Hawt! hehe

in fairness he really knows how to bust a move! galeng.

yey balloons!

yey confetti!

dance revolution! hehe spot vern!

THE Ben Chan and Coke's President dancing. Cuuuute:)

 The Coca Cola's Happiness Ambassadors!

As fashion correspondents, we went around the activity area doing fun things while being filmed where it was shown live on the screen on stage! Highlight of our night was when we, the 5 blogger correspondents, were introduced and called on stage for a quick interview! NAKAKALOKA. 
 hate my face. lols.

Did you know that this was the 1st ever digitalized fashion show? This screencap was sent by a blogger who watched the whole event on her computer at home via Coke's website!
 photo tweeted by Bench! Awkward ba namin? haha

The best part of the night was our quick chat with THE Ben Chan! He's soooo nice:)
 me, Ben Chan, cheyser

bloggers with Ben Chan:)

It was one unique experience we, the participating bloggers, would never forget! We all went home with a huge smile on our face. The event was awesome as well as the purpose behind it. Thanks again Coca Cola and Bench!:)

And now, meet the Happiness Ambassadors!

                                        Kathryn Bernardo, Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Joseph Marco

In this second groundbreaking partnership, the world’s beloved icon of happiness, Coca-Cola, and the phenomenal proudly-Pinoy lifestyle brand, Bench, guarantee that the fashion domination will be much greater- a hundred times the excitement, a hundred times the fun! With these two pop icons in creative collaboration, the collection is a confident badge of Filipino youthfulness.

The Coca-Cola Originals is available in Bench stores nationwide staring February 1, 2012. Open happiness and strut your style with an ice-cold Coke in hand to continue enjoying its delicious taste and unique fizz perfected over the last 100 years! So, what are you waiting for? Are you going to start a refreshing trend with the new Coca-Cola Originals by Bench by Bench? Or are you going to be left out?

Coca-Cola. Maraming Salamat sa 100 Taon! Ituloy ang Happiness. Join the party by watching The Coca-Cola Big Youth Blowout: The Coca-Cola Originals by Bench kickoff fashion show live via www.coca-cola.com.ph. Catch updates via the Coca-Cola Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/cocacola) and follow on Twitter @Coke_PH.


  1. Gahhhhh I love all the outfits!! Is the red/white striped cardigan [with stars] on kathryn part of the collection? I want it sooo bad! xx

    The Niknok Style

  2. It was super nice to see you that day, sis! :) Enjoyed the Coke-Bench show with ze gorgeous ladies! Til next time!! ♥ Btw, we were cheering for you while you were on-stage! Support! Haha!


  3. Wow bongga!



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