Beauty & Butter

After a tiring work day, it is only fair to treat yourself to a much deserved nail pampering session--and that's what I did. After a long tiring day of pullouts, I decided to drop by the hip nail salon Beauty & Butter, Megamall last week after receiving an invite from their Marketing Manager, Kwey! It was my first time and it would definitely not be my last! :)

located at the 5th floor. It's at the far end. They relocated:)

nail art for everyone! you can also come up with your own:)

love the interiors and the new set-up:)

for sale;)

i'm still a little hesitant to try nail art so Kwey showed me this instead--their new line from Orly!

They use Gel polish for nail art

love the murals!

I was given an Ipad to play with while waiting!:) Sushal.

thanks ate for taking care of my nails!:)

i think this is Orly's sea gull

they have a nice and extensive selection of colors!

Sparitual optical illusion. Love this!!!

nail dryer to speed up the drying process

Thanks Beauty & Butter for the wonderful experience!

The reason why I've never tried B&B was because of my notion that their services are pricey. But to my surprise, they're actually affordable!:) A mani/pedi set is just P350:)

they offer nail services, waxing, massages, scrubs:)

It has been more than  a week and my nails are still nice. There are tiny tiny chippings but only the tips (inevitable). I can't wait to go back! I can even try their known nail art service next time. :) 

Visit Beauty & Butter branches located at:
5F Megamall Atrium (flagship shop)
2F Mall of Asia’s Entertainment Wing
2F SM San Lazaro
2F SM Cebu
Follow their BLOG, FACEBOOK & TWITTER. (click click)


  1. Oooh love the vibe of this nail salon! The prices are sooo affordable too. Will check this out soon, thanks for the post! :)

  2. Wow! I've always thought they had expensive prices. And so sosyal, giving an iPad. Wish I could take it home though!! =))


  3. Wow! :) You deserve to be pampered, sis! I like how affordable their prices are! Ma-try nga! Bongga lalo ng iPad so you won't get bored! ♥ Hahaha!


  4. Wow! This place is so amazing! <3
    Everything is cool and nice.
    I love your new nails. <3


  5. nice color. i <3 beauty & butter. i think ate who did your nails was the one who does mine. :)

  6. Oooh we don't have anywhere this fun/custom-designed in London! I want to go...sick of painting my own nails :-/

  7. I love the color you picked.. ^^


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