TCG, Les Roux, Gifts Ahoy, TLTSN Giveaway Winners!

I just realized that I haven't announced yet my TCG & Les Roux giveaway winners! So I hope you forgive me. :( But better late than never right? Without further ado, here are the lucky winners of all my giveaways that ended! Heh.

Les Roux Feather Extensions
Congratulations Nettie Solon!

The Closet Goddess
Congratulations Laila Lantaca (top) & Rochelle Ostona (cardi)!
 Gifts Ahoy
Congatulations Patricia Sy (satchel set) &  Angeline Rodriguez (clips)

The Little Things She Needs
Congratulations Hope San Pedro!

 I already sent an email to the winners. :)
Thanks again and join my upcoming giveaways! You just might get lucky!:)

Love to everyone:)


  1. Uwah! The prize I wanted the most <3 Thank you :) Replying to e-mail now.. Can't believe my luck!

    -Patricia Sy

  2. pahabol gifts :)

    thanks dear


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