Calm Before The Storm

How's the first few days of the new year treating you so far? :) I'm having a pretty chill week, attending casual business meetings, meeting up with friends and working on a new Archive collection. I'm still in semi hibernation since I'll be leaving again on the 19th for a 5-day vacay in Hongkong/Macau. Yipeeee! Finally, after 6 months! If you've been reading my blog, you know how I've been stocking up on winter clothes (winter talaga? hahaha). If it turned out hot there I would kill myself. Lol. Anyway, here's what I wore today!

 Yourfashionpolice structured dress, Topshop cardigan, Mango boots, Forever 21 hat

SM Accessories belt & necklace, OS bone bangle, Anagon snake bracelet, Bubbles croc bangle

I'm such a lazy dresser. Heh. Threw on the 1st thing I saw lying around our messy apartment--this dress. Love the details! And then threw on the 1st cardigan within reach. Convenient, bagay naman! Hehe. Just glammed it up with a cute neckpiece and bracelets. I do have a confession to make.. I didn't actually wear the boots out. Decided to wear my glittery oxfords from F21 instead.

Ran some personal errands before heading to Megamall to meet up with Melai and Ana. :) Also passed by Toy Kingdom to buy gifts for my niece and cousin. :) I love going to toy stores! I wanted to buy a Barbie mic for myself and a new board game. Hehe. Can't stop smiling when I saw these near the entrance...

Cuteness overload!!! Gaaaaaaah. It's called Sylvanian Families. You can buy each piece separately (or if you have money to dispose, buy them all at one time!) to create villages of cuteness. Can't stop saying cute coz IT IS CUTEEEE. =D

Dinner meeting with Melai and Ana afterwards...
we're addicted to Yabu's Katsu!

And this is the last batch of Christmas gifts I got from brands/sponsors... A big big thanks to each and everyone of you who remembered me. :) Virtual hug!
 thank you Golden ABC!:)

 thank you Summit Media!:)

 yummy villa del conte chocolates from SM Accessories!:)

 eco bag from my loves Sarah! wanna get your own? Buy from Anagon!:)

 La Senza polka undies from my sister! Haha. 

 thanks Sally of S&H! Visit their newly opened branch at 50th Avenue, Rob Galleria!

That's it for now. Can't hardly wait for Saturday, Mich and I booked an Imelda walking tour with Carlos Celdran. So excited! You all know how much we love activities like this and well yeah history in general. It's not yet too late to join this fun activity. Wanna know how? Click HERE! Have a great day everyone!:)


  1. I liked the outfit better with the oxfords. :) Nice casual outfit!


  2. It's cool how changing your shoes can change the vibe of the outfit :p With the boots, the look was very laid back/boho-ish; with the oxfords, it was "cleaner", more quiet. :D Bagay either way!

    Megann ♥ STYLE SURGERY

  3. I've been wanting a Scandinavian Families set since I was 4 or 5!!! <3

  4. Aisa! cute cute nung small houses, I have officemates collecting them, at may sarili pang photoshoots! But I think they're called Sylvanian Families =)

  5. lovely dress!! :) and i'm in love with your eco bag!! :D


  6. I want that eco bag!!! Where'd you get the necklace? Been searching for it everywhere. :)

    Check out my new blog:

  7. aww sylvanian!! i used to play with those when i was little ^_^ miss ko na kayo gels!!

  8. Love your look Oax! so girly and chic! :)


  9. Wow! You surely look gorgeous with this look, Pax! Bongga ng boots! ♥ I cannot wait to see you more this 2012! Happy New Year!


  10. one of my best-friends is working in hongkong and she said that it is indeed cold at these time of the year. actually she said almost year round. i dont know not been there yet. hehe.

  11. First time visiting your blog! Love the jewelry and cute dress! :)


  12. Cute dress and love the jewelry! Such awesome gifts from your sponsors as well!


  13. Wonderful outfit, I love your dress. xoxo


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