Two Cool Girls

Lame excuse for a title, patterned it after my favorite tv show 2 broke girls. Hehe. Anywaaaaay, last Dec. 7 was one of the coolest nights evuuuuur. Had dinner at Big Bad Wolf resto, Bonifacio Highstreet with 2 of the coolest girls I know--Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera! No we're not kadaberks (a girl I could wish right? haha), it was for the mini-launch of their equally cool book, Unscripted. We all went home so much inspired. :) Thanks to my love Alyssa (and also Flor) for organizing this. Love you girl!

So first thing we did was introduce ourselves, one by one. I should really get used to this. Darn. Sarah and Vicky also asked us questions to get to know us better, to know our jobs and our future plans. It was a pretty nice chat. :)

 Can't help but notice these super cute table seating placement card/illustration! It's patterned after our styles! Aww.




After our personal introductions and chitchats...
Tada! Sarah and Vicky finally presented their book! Yey! Straight from Singapore:)

The authors discussing the book part by part. :)


The food was divine;)
fresh tuna wraps with wasabi mayo! I don't eat sushi or raw food but this! This changed my mind!

we love them potato skins with boursin dip. yuuum

Chorizo spaghetti.Yum.

my fave, Bacon wrapped dates--just because it has bacon in it. Haha biased.

they introduced to us the owners of Bid Bad Wolf resto--Neil Paras, Ponch Del Rosario, and Mac Cunanan!:) They're super nice:)

Super cool interiors. The items displayed inside are personal belongings of the owners:) a lot of love:)

love:) the place is super homey! perfect venue to make tambay with friends:)

Sarah's daughter Kaya went around to list down our blogs. She's sooo adorable! And fasyown:)

And here's a sneak peak of their amazing book. I can't wait to get my own copy!
It's a compilation of stories of people they interviewed on their radio show. Everything inside was a labor of love:)

cute dedication:)

Read these cool people's stories inside:)

I definitely think it would be a great read. It's interesting, engaging and you would learn a lot (personally and professionally) from the different personalities they featured. Plus! There are a lot of pretty graphics and photos inside.:)

with my favorite Alyssa Lapid! She's also Sarah's intern. This girl would go places!:)

demigods of cool. Yeeehesss naman:)

 my seatmate for the night--Rocky!:)

with the lovely Vicky Herrera:)

coolest girl alive Sarah Meier!

my loves & the bagets (haha) Tracy, Cheys and Vern!

Unscripted would be out soon! Exclusively distrubuted by Fully Booked. :) Thank you Vicky and Sarah for dinner and for the countless stories & words of wisdom. You two are such an inspiration and you deserve all the good things that came and are coming your way. :) Hope to see you again soon! Can't wait to get a hold of your book. Just a few days away, yey!:)


  1. Really love the placement cards!! ♥ Fashyon! :"> And can't wait to read Unscripted, too, I've always been curious about it!



  2. Hello Aisa!
    I love Sarah Meier! I think it would be really cool to hang out with her. Kering keri nya ang grunge casual look! Loove! :)) I was also thinking of buying the book. Hmm. BTW, thanks for accepting my friend request in FB! :)) You guys look very fab! :)

  3. Awww jealous! what a great opportunity that was! :)



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