Signed & Shine

Here are some photos from last Saturday. Was running around the whole day I got knocked out when I got home. Hehe.

Self introduction again. I'm getting better at this! haha

love the table setting!:)


Camwhoring while waiting for our food...
anne, bestie, nikki

with vern and lexi

Cheyser with the So F.A.B. girls:)

Aileen, Anne, Bestie, Nikki

The food was delicious...

Signed and done! Watch out for our So F.A.B. "campaign" next year! Sooo exciting!:)

After the fun chitchat and bonding with blogger loves, I then headed to St. Benedicine International School for their school fair. I was just on time for the fashion show! I lent them clothes and also styled the outfits with the help of Raffi! Thanks girl!:)

I was sipping on Milo while watching, very proud of how well the girls carried their clothes, when suddenly Kuya Peej (the host and my friend's brother) called me on-stage. He called me 5x I think before I finally stood up and waved haha! Ruben, my close friend who noe teaches there and the organizer of the event, then dragged me to come up the stage. It was awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard! Haha. But thank you Ruben and the Benedictine School for inviting me, I had fun. :) It was also fun meeting the girls who reads my humble blog (hello gels!) and Vern's! And I guess others too. :) 

i feel so old! almost 12 years ang age gap. que horror! hehe

I was so tired and hungry that we ate at the 1st restaurant we saw--Barrio Fiesta. No, actually, we ate at the 1st resto that serves green mango with bagoong. Haha. 

chicharong bulaklak--drools! 

ayan na ang bidang mangga with bagoong! yeheey



Tired but full and happy. The End!:)


  1. awww eto ba ung 15 students na dapat mumuk-upan ko? Shocks sayang! Busy na kase wahhh! Miss you! And I can't wait for the so fab campaign!

  2. Nagutom ako... I want chicharon! Sabay sawsaw sa suka. Tapos yung mangga't bagoong! :) *naglalaway*

  3. So excited for your SO Fab! campaign!


  4. the fashion show looks awesome!:) and wow congrats sa SO FAB gig!! Can't wait for that~ :D

  5. Hi ate aisa, raffi here! Thanks for the feature! I borrowed our picture lang for my blog naman. Hehe ;)



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