My Househusband Presscon with Judy Ann & Ryan

The 3rd installment of the film My Househusband bloggers presscon was so much fun--just like the 1st two! This time it was held at NAPA restaurant, Scout Borromeo. Segway lang--the food, interior and ambiance in NAPA is awesooome. I will definitely come back! Without further ado, here are photos from that night! Don't judge me but I'm now a Judy Ann Santos fan. Hehe.

bloggers waiting room--waited for juday & ryan to finish their interviews with the press people downstairs

And then they came! They were very nice and apologetic that they got to us late...:)

They said they heard that bloggers are fun to be with... Yiheee...

And then the questions started...

So My Househusband is Octoart's MMFF entry and also the comeback movie of both Judy Ann and Ryan after their successful MMFF movies Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo at Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. I'm sure their fans are super excited to watch this wonderful family oriented film.

They both attested that they had fun shooting the movie because they loved working with the cast as well as Direk Joey. They're also confident that moviegoers would go home with the moral values their movie imparts as well as more love for their family and spouses. The story also hits close to home since they're real life husband and wife (as if naman you don't know hehe). 

Ryan also took the opportunity to clear an "issue" which involved an incident with a reporter. He sounded sincere naman and he was really sorry it happened. When asked if they would allow their daughter to venture into showbiz-ness, they said if it was up to them--no. Ryan explained that it's really hard for child actors to follow through in this industry, like what his wife achieved. That only a few survive, last that long and still remain humble, kind and sane. Sweet naman.

First thing we all noticed was how thin (and gorgeous) Judy Ann was in real life!
..and no she doesn't starve herself to death! Obvious naman. Nainggit naman ako sa food nia!

picture muna while waiting for our photo-op!

 us with the lovely couple/superstars!

 magkapatid! hehe
We were really touched when we learned from Ms. Cat (whose Dad owns Octoarts) that Judy Ann and Ryan told her how much they enjoyed their time with the bloggers. Just like what Direk Joey and Eugene said! Yey! I can't wait for the last installment which is happening this Saturday. This time all of them will be there! Riot for sure! :)

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  1. Nice to see you guys there! And OMG you guys look like superstars too with Juday and Ryan! :)


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