My Househusband Presscon w/ Eugene Domingo

This has got to be one of the best events I've ever been to. Well, it's mainly because my favorite actress Eugene Domingo was there! Mich also came coz she's her favorite too. :) It's a lunch presscon for Octoart's MMFF entry: My Househusband: Ikaw Na! Starring Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and Eugene Domingo. Anyway, it all happened at Kenny Rogers, Katipunan. Narration through photos...

Ms. Eugene being interviewed by Shalala (whom I called Shingaling at first coz I didnt know him, lol)

the bloggers waited while the press/media interviewed Ms. Eugene and Direk Joey

Paul in Row 1! 

Direk Joey was so sweet! He remembered the bloggers from his intimate lunch presscon last month:) He even looked for Sarah!:)

We were then asked to take our respective seats--our turn to chat with Ms. Eugene!!!:)
Row 2 with Tracy and Ava and singit Paul hehe

Host Melai introducing the guest of honor who's looking at her shorts shorts Lol. 
Eugene: Ang haba naman ng intro mo, pwde namang Eugene, Bloggers, fire! (LOL)

Octoarts owner Orly Ilacad with Posh Nails owner, daughter Cat Ilacad!:)

Bloggers were given the chance to ask questions...
About the movie:
In summary, Eugene said she joined the movie because Octoarts persistently courted her, because of Direk Joey Reyes (whom she've worked with before) and because of her good friends Judy Ann and Ryan. :) She said she accepted the role because her character here is different from her previous roles, balanced --not too serious, not too funny either. This movie is her 3d MMFF entry (wows). :)

About herself: (will do my best to remember her answers hehe)

1. What makes a Eugene Domingo cry? "taong inaapi" (personally and professionally)
2. Why does so many people want you in their movies etc? "Coz I'm open, honest, transparent"
3. Why aren't you exclusive to any station? "coz i want to freely do whatever I want, leave whenever I want"
4. What acting role do you still wanna do? "gusto ko pa maghubad" (award)
5. What makes Eugene Domingo, Eugene Domingo? "just be natural"
6. Career advice? "Magpantalon ka (sabay tingin kay melai haha!), joke! Aanhin mo ang madaming pera or kasikatan if d mo naman naeenjoy your life. Kaya ako  I find sometime for myself. When I tell sila direk na 2 weeks ako mawawala, they just say go. Coz when I work, I work hard. But it's nice to enjoy life din."
7. Where will you spend Christmas? "sa bahay mo! since tinanong mo" (hahaha)

okay laughtrip, obvious ba?

After 1 million questions (LOL), it finally ended with a short photo-op!
Eugene: wow fashion bloggers, sana sinabi nio para nagbihis ako, mukha tuloy akong Barney. (haha)

Eugene: ayan magjojowa taung tatlo (lol)

with ruthlicious!:)

It was a happy day for all of us. :) Judy Ann-Ryan presscon naman tomorrow! Yiiii exciting.


  1. sister natawa naman ako sa shingaling! haha! lavet! :)

  2. Benta yung hirit ni Eugene! Yung Barney, short shorts, yung magjojowa, lahat na! :D Hahaha!

  3. comic timing!!! she's funny!!!

  4. hehe natawa ako kay ate Melai. sa laughtrip :)) at sa shorts shorts :))
    ang kwela talaga! :D

  5. beautiful photos! this looks like a very fun event! ang saya saya!


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