Gluta-C Pampering at Freyja Spa

Despite my busy schedule, I still find time to pamper myself every once in a while. My favorite would be getting my nails done and a nice long massage. So when Irene of Omnicom Media Group invited me to a pampering session at Frejya Spa c/o Gluta-C, I quickly said yes! When I get invited to events, I don't usually ask my friends if they're going (they might not be and it would awkward) and I don't ask the person who invited me. So I was really glad to see blog friends there, made the experience more fun!:)

PINKaholic sheer top, Forever 21 skirt, TLTSN oxfords, Plan B necklace, Bedazzle bangle

Didn't have time to think of an outfit so I went with my trusty black skirt and this cute heart top from Pinkaholic. :) It's pretty comfortable for a spa night but the shoes! Bad idea. :/ Guys, always remember to bring slippers to a pampering sesh (my pedicure got ruined booo)! Heh.

Anyway, here are photos from that relaxing night...
Love Freyja's interiors! So cozy and pretty

delicious food from Cafe France

Alyanna Martinez opened the night with a nice talk about personal styling:)

 And then finally, Gluta-C's introduction! Gluta-C is owned by Ardent World

Watch out for Gluta-C's Model Search Contest! Winner wins P30k GC from Forever 21. Gusto natin yan!

Jodi Sta. Maria is their celebrity endorser!:) Their products-- Intense Whitening Soap, Whitening Lotion, Facial Toner Spritz, Facial Day Cream, Facial Night Serum

5 steps to intense whitening!
price range--they're affordable!

photo evidence that it works--- it evens out if not removes discoloration!

testimonials! it's also kinda funny hihi

We took home Gluta-C products and I'm excited to use them! Ive always been a little skeptical when it comes to whitening products, but I'm putting my faith on this one. You should see the amazing skin of the owners--they're a living testament! I also love the fact that they don't hard sell their products. They don't promise results, instead they told us that the effects would depend on each individual. Fair skinned girlys could use their products too (and you won't look like casper after)!  So.. I will be trying their products religiously for a month and will document the results/progress. So I'll get back to you guys soon!:)

bloggers in action

bianca & sarah's shoes

the flats girls--tracy and I

bloggers with Gluta-C owner:)

And then we were escorted to our pampering stations for the mani/pedi, massage and Gluta-C facial!:)
Orly nailpolishes!

happy to serve you!:) hehe

hot stone rub, looove

we were also served tea. yey!

Freyja owners:) Thanks for the wonderful service Ms. Shirley!

Thank you Gluta-C and Freyja for the wonderful "Me" time!:) Sarah and I will definitely be back soon. In fairness, my nailpolish haven't chipped off yet and it has been close to 2 weeks already. Bongga.


  1. Such a lovely look, that top is adorable!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. i love your outfit ms. ais!:)

  3. ms. aisa curious lang po san po ako makakakita ng shoes katulad po ng sa inyo??:)

  4. Been hearing a lot of good comments about Freyja! Hope I could visit them one of these days! Bongga ng "me" time mo, well-deserved naman, Pax. ♥



  5. "I don't usually ask my friends if they're going (they might not be and it would awkward)" Pareho tayo x__x

    I got invited to this event too but had to say no because I already agreed to another event. But they sent me products din so I'm excited to try them :)

    Mag-Christmas party tayo tey ah? :)

  6. Love the heart design on your sweater, so cutesy! :)


  7. Hi po, ts been 1 month, effective po ba? thanks


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