The Final Presscon: My Househusband

So for the final installment of the MMFF movie My Househusband's Bloggers Conference, Octoarts presented 5 of their artists-Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Eugene Domingo, Rocco Nacino & Ellen Adarna. The presscon was held at Guilly's bar and resto Timog. Here's what happened through photos!

 hosts Melai and Shalala (oha bongga!)


ms. eugene being introduced, bet ko ang sequin dress!

eugene domingo

judy ann santos (bet ko the lace dress!) and ryan agoncillo

we were all laughing the whole time! Love their humor:)

Ryan was asked if he would accept a gay role--he said why not? As long as the movie is great.

Q: What makes you trust Direk Joey? Ryan: He is a master of middle-class, he has integrity, has 65 films and awards. Judy Ann: We're so honored to be working with him. His stories are always real and everyone can relate.

Eugene said she'll be riding on the Shake, Rattle and Roll float coz they lack artistas there. She asked for Juday's permission though. Ryan said as long as they're all in it together (the tedious parade) then it's okay.  Eugene said regardless of the floats, what's important is that the people who waited for them sees them:)

Eugene Can't stop gushing and praising Juday and Ryan's relationship. :)

Judy Ann said it's important for husbands and wives to respect each other and laugh at their mistakes.:) That there's nothing wrong with being a househusband as long as he's doing something relevant. When asked if she'll ever accept a 3rd party role, she said yes as long as it's with Richard Gomez. Hehe.

When asked what their favorite scenes in the movie were, Ryan answered, "Rod's encounter with the soccer moms", Judy Ann answered, "all my scenes with Eugene". they were also asked to give advise to showbiz couples, Ryan answered, "when things gets rough, go back to the reason why you became friends", Judy Ann answered, "Honesty is the best policy! It's important too that you can laugh at your mistakes."

bloggers and tv show cameramen

more bloggers

A showbiz reporter threw the last question, "what is the difference between a presscon with bloggers and reporters?". Judy Ann answered, "Mas nakakakaba ang mga bloggers. At nakaka-tense dahil seryoso sila at alam mong gusto nila ng diretsong sagot sa mga tanong!". It's amazing how bloggers were praised by the stars and the reporters. :)

nice to meet you girl!:) comment ka na para I can comment back!:)

happy bloggers. Thank you Octoarts for the fun experience! Goodluck!:)

Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJbHAz5kkOU&feature=player_embedded






  1. AHHHH!!! I CAN SEE SARAH'S HAIR!!! (Sorry dun talaga ako naexcite haha). Wish I could've gone to this. :(


  2. this is gonna be an enjoyable..haha

  3. Wow early bird in posting the presscon. :) I'm so happy that day. Level up to be hosting side by side with comedy entertainment host, Shalala! :)

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  4. bet na bet ko ang dress ni Juday! blooming siya ngayon! :) ang saya saya naman nito!

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