PRIMADONNA Launch: Girls Night Out!

PRIMADONNA launched their newest collection and celebrity endorser last November 24 at Makati Shangrila's Rizal Ballroom. I was there with other bloggers and stylists to witness the "wagas na wagas" (new term for bongga according to Eugene Domingo, LOL!) launch party! Aside from that, I (with 12 other bloggers) also styled for their fashion show. I had so much fun spending time with blogger loves--ultimate girl bonding!:) I'll let the photos do all the story telling starting with what I wore...

Thrifted sweater top & leather skirt, Primadonna heels, Ebay purse, Maldita watch (from Ana), Bubbles necklace

A lot of people asked me that night where I bought my top & skirt, everyone got surprised when I told them it's thrifted!:) Even Mother Divine Lee asked and couldn't believe it. I can't either! Haha. Seriously, these are 2 of my best finds. The secret to thrifting? Have faith and never give up! Haha.

Moving on...Val of Primadonna took me to the Rizal Ballroom hours before the program started to take a peek see on what's happening and how the venue looks like.

Divine & Anne rehearsing 

 mini store setup! shoooooooes

The bloggers/stylists holed up inside the Mandaluyong holding room. Here's us at work!
lloyda steaming our model's pants hehe

hi marie ann & aaron! 

model justine with stylists JL & Nina! Kabog!

the classy & sassy team--Cheys, Ava, Vern

with kaye, lloyda, ana and angel (thanks for the support!)

with mother divine! she was super nice and even chatted with us:)

And then we were called by the SAGA peeps and headed to the venue!
we passed by the kitchen, secret mission lang the peg--i dont know why! LOL. 

the lady dapper team--lloyda, me, bestie. love these girls!

hangkyoooot! prototype of the shoes per category:)


Mich and her pink pumps. Cute noh? haha

BFFs haha! 

Lloyda being her adorable self

kookie being her cool self

with Mikka Padua!

Melai being interviewed by Divine hehe

hello there! with melai, ava, jl, tracy, lissa, kaye, ana

And then the show finally started!:)
Managing Director Denise Reyes (my style sister!)

Valerie Tanchip

Iiiiiit's showtime! (we're all proud mamas!)
Lady Rebel by Kookie, Tin and Sarah

Classy & Sassy by Vern, Cheyser & Ava

Wanderlust Chic by JL, Nina and Lissa (clothes are from Glitterati!)

Lady Dapper by Me, Lloyda and Bestie! (aww, tears!)

And then the big reveal...
who's that girl?

..it's the dyosa Anne Curtis!

love her blue pumps ha! (and the dress also)
Anne being interiewed by the gorgeous host Divine Lee

the eager crowd!

Anne & Divine walked around the room

Post party--tired bloggers + more camwhoring!
blogger stylists!:)

all wearing Primadonna:)

with the gorgeous and super nice Denise! (love her outfits forever)

More blogger love!:)
bonfire? hehe


Thanks Primadonna for the amazing opportunity and experience! Check out Primadonna's website and visit their stores now, they're on sale! :)

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  1. lovely ladies.. :) looks like you guys really enjoyed the event. :) anyway, PD shoes collector din ako. hehe :)) they really got nice style of shoes.


  2. Love your outfit here! That skirt was awesome! :D

  3. "Lakas Makayaman" the outfit! <3
    I love pd shoes so much and thinking of getting myself a pair on christmas.

  4. ZOMGGG! your skirt ms. aisa! <3

    the shoes!! i dropped by again yesterday in sm cebu... only cheyser's pair was there. told the ladies in PD to contact me once new stocks arrives hehe

  5. wow! super ganda ng outfit mo! lakas makayaman! I love Primadonna too! very nice ng styles nila....

  6. love the skirt Ms. Aisa. ganda ng bagsak :)

  7. Love your style!!!:)



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