Love DIVA Blogger's Camp

This has got to be one of the most fun event I have ever been to (considering I'm sick). Everyone was just laughing and smiling and taking photos the whole time! I'll let the photos do all the talking... ;)

Monkee Business striped top, Love Mitzhi pink blazer, Archive polka skirt, PRP pumps

Bubbles necklace, SM belt, Aldo watch, Holic golightly bracelet, Envy leather bracelet,Chicify bag

We were asked to wear something pink. I think I went a little overboard. Haha. But whatever, I love colors! Wanted to debut this gorgeous pink blazer sent by Mitzhi. Thanks girl aylaveeet! Everyone keeps gushing about the blazer. It's a headturner! :)

Love DIVA is the newest accs brand in town! It's meant to cater to the younger fashion savvy crowd. Love Diva began in the UK and now has 450 stand-alone outlets worldwide. 

We were lucky to have witnessed the opening/launching of it's first store in the Philippines at the Upper Ground Floor Expansion Bldg. Alabang Town Center.

aww we feel so loved! hehe

grand entrance lang ako. Lol

I love that it's like a mini classroom!:) Complete with speakers pa hehe. Kookie talked about blogging in general, Melai talked about business opportunities in blogging, Tracy & Tin talked about styling. So inspiring!:)

sweet treats :)
The store is just dainty and cute! I love how they sectioned the accessories based on styles. Lookie!

shopping made easy:)
The program ended with a styling contest between our little sisters. So basically they just had to style us the best way they can. Most unique styling wins!

with my little sisters--the super sweet Sam & Czarina:)

 kagulo kagulo na! 

 Melai being styled by her little sisters! Celine's so quirky and cute!

Ana and her little sisters styling her. Boho chick!

bloggers had to model their look and readers had to explain. Fun!

melai the accessories holder hihi. pero unique and bongga ha!
pretty girls vern, tin, alyssa and ava (who's busy with her cam haha)
(click to enlarge! hehe)

Ana and her team won!

kookie and her readers so cute!

 all bloggers who were styled!:) laveet.

After the styling game everyone was given a special treat--P1k worth of accessories! So naturally, we all went cray cray! Haha.

bloggers spent an hour choosing! kalurkey

Some of the pieces that caught my fancy...
i still dream of this cute snake necklace

Of course, it won't be a bloggers event without the mandatory camwhoring. Heeh.
with kookie and cheyser

with cutie bea:)

with frances!

with pretty girl maureen!

with bei!

with ana and czarina

 with ana and tin!

with my blog sister Vern:)

with the enciso sisters! why so gorgeous!

with my fave Alyssa!

pretty little sisters!:)

class pic!:)

The DIVA team then treated us to a nice dinner at CYMA where we bonded some more! And of course, took more photos. Hehe.

 outfit shoooooooots

with outfit twin Ava!

with ana, ava , melai and francesca!

Bloggers gone wild...
love you girlies!

thanks Diva for the lakas makayaman accs! hehe.

Blog friends + little sisters + delicious food + pretty accessories = Perfect Monday. :) So sorry if I wasn't in the perfect mood that day (I was ill), but do know I had sooo much fun. I had a great time meeting and chatting with everyone. Love, love!

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P.S. just wanted you guys to know that I read all your comments! Stay gorgeous and wonderful:)


  1. It's always so fun to see you pax!
    i loved your outfit!
    see you soon!

  2. pax i love your outfit! its so sweet like candy :D:D and oh, i love the group shot ang cute nyoo!!

    Join FOXYFASHIONHUB x THEBARGAINDOLLGIVEAWAY! Win a New Dress & Tons of Accesories :)

  3. the bloggers camp looked so fun! So sad I missed it =.= but lookie, I love the accessories you got! :D esp the golden bangle <3 more power!

  4. Love your colorful outfit Pax! I'm dropping by the store soon, love those accessories you've shown :)


  5. Aww this looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been there.

  6. wow, ang saya saya naman nito! nice to see a lot of beautiful ladies! love your blazer! :)

  7. ang yaman mo sa diva accessories, girl!:)) love the blazer!! dream ko mag ka pink!

  8. love ur outfit. love their store too *.*

  9. do they still exist? ng close kasi ung branch nila sa rob :(( and i cnt find ung fb page nila


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