Laura Mercier Workshop/Launch + Olfactory Overload

I've always been smitten by Laura Mercier products ever since I found out about their best-selling Secret Concealer. So when Sarah invited us to their Moonlight Holiday Collection launch at East Cafe, mas mabilis pa sa alas kwatro, I said gooo! Here's what happened through photos...

trying out the liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer

love the pigment and how they could easily be blended in.

amazingly cute & funny (yun oh may crush! haha) makeup artist Qua & his muse/model Sarah!

Qua shared with us the Laura Mercier's way of achieving a flawless face...

1)  Foundation Primer - which creates a perfectly even surface to keep skin smooth.

2) Foundation - applied as the second step for added moisture and to build-up coverage.

3) Secret Camouflage and Concealer - magically hides unwanted skin imperfections like blemishes, discolorations and the ever present under eye circles.

4) Setting Powder - keeps makeup in place while giving a sheer look even after applying layers of powder. (my fave!!!)
 Row 1-model students o! hehe
 The Row 4 (haha), we just can't stop talking! We were listening though and best in participation! Haha;)
We were then served these delicious food... nomnomnom
The star of the night--waterproof eyeliner! I'm currently using gel liner since I often have oily eyelids. But this, this works! For just P995!
 mix the liner with the  "activator" (sold separately) until you achieve the right consistency.

Of course, we had to try it to believe..
 me hiding my face hehe
 In fairness it didn't smudge ha!
 And here are the bidang holiday gift sets!:) Perfect gifts this Christmas!:)
bath & body products + makeup set
 body creme--smells super nice!
 they will sell this nailpolish soon! 
 love this!:) so sushal 
 super nice makeup set you can take with you anywhere! This costs P4,350.

Quick photo-op before heading to the Laure Mercier makeup bar/shop downstairs...
karir! haha

he's so cute noh? 
Then we all headed downstairs to check on the other Laura products...
 we were like kids in a candy store hehe
Cam whoring...
thanks to the Laura team!:)
Oh, and if you still haven't completed your Christmas shopping list, here are some more fabulous gift ideas! 
If i have all the money in the world I would buy the giant candle worth P16k! They gave me the small one (came in the loot bag) and now our apartment smells soooo nice!:)
 This smells like Angel's Breath. Love iiit!
 Brushes made of unvarnished wood. It's a little pricey but the quality is first class.
 if you have money to spare, then you might want this uber special P20k perfume
What's in the bag?
 Now it really feels like Christmas (hehe), thanks Rustans! The Acca Kappa perfume is Mich and I's new fave!

Have a very Merry Rustans Christmas!:) 
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  1. Gendarme is a sort of police in France. Damn funny they call a cosmetic product like that!

  2. I love the makeup set! so pretty! :) their prices are too steep for me though...


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