212 VIP: Are You On The List?

Attended Carolina Herrera's newest fragrance launch at Republiq last week. Went with Mich and blog friends Bestie, Melai and Paul. :)  Funny thing was, when Mich and I arrived, we thought the event's over. But we turned out almost an hour and a half early! We had ample time to catch up, eat and take lots of outfit photos. Heh.

 Thrifted vintage dress, Schu booties,  Vintage Escada bag

Vintage Escada bag

 DIVA gold cuff, Mauve belt bracelet, Tomato watch

I don't know why I decided to wear this vintage (Miss Tapia) dress coz I looked out of place inside. LOL! But still, I super loved this dress and it's pretty neck scarf-ish detail. :) And I've been wearing this DIVA cuff everywhere lately! It's such a statement piece. :)

 Anyway, here's us while waiting for the doors to open...

 Melai & Paul discussing something, Me: nuninuninu

We got bored of waiting so we went to Mcdo for a quick snack...
 Thank you Paul for feeding the hungry (meaning us haha). Libre woohoo!

Group shots after the outfit shots...

 When we got back the doors are finally open! We didn't stay long though coz it was already past 11pm.
 with the Carolina Herrera brand manager and country manager (correct me if im wrong!)

 thanks Prestige and to JR's (Melai's bf)cousin for inviting us!

212 VIP MEN is an homage to the New York nightlife and the scores of men who make this city so alluring, interesting, fascinating and mysterious to so many people around the world.

The quintessential NYC skyscraper was our inspiration for the masculine silver bottle, and the perfect companion to the more sensual golden bottle of the female counterpart, 212 VIP. Gold and silver are enduring precious metals. They are each beautiful on their own but seen together they attain a new level of luxury.

The fragrance is an explosive cocktail of vodka with frozen mint, lime caviar and vibrant spices inspired by the scent and attitude of the most exclusive New York parties. 

Shot in New York City at a top secret location, starring Jon Kortajarena and Natasha Vojnovic and directed by British directorial duo Alex & Liane, the spot takes us right into New York city’s bustling VIP nightlife.

Look for the Carolina Herrera brand in Rustans:)

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  1. Love your dress pax! :)


  2. i love you dress and melai's!!! very vintage :)

  3. AISAAA!!! you look so prim and proper, i loveeet!!! very Kate Middleton lang :)


  4. i like the color of your hair Ms. Aisa :)


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