National Events Day: Canon, Freeway, Multiply

I would never forget how October 18 made all bloggers/media people cray cray. I don't know why but for some reason, brands thought this was the perfect day to hold all their events. So we went crazy devising the bestest strategy on how to attend all of them. I TRIED, I swear, to manage my life that day (haha) but I failed and I just ended up going to 3--and that for me was already a feat. Harhar.

Here are photos from that very busy day!
Summersault sheer oversized top, DKNY sheer dress, Closet Chic zebra purse, Shoe Etiquette heels, Bedazzle bangle, SM & Bubbles necklace

So sorry, this is the only outfit photo I have. Don't you hate it when that happens? When you really love what you're wearing and you just fail to take good photos of it? Argh. Anyway, I decided to go all Mary Kate Olsen and drowned myself in oversized everything. Hehe. One of my comfiest outfits ever. It's the perfect events hopping ensemble, I swear. So obsessed with this oversized sheer top I bought online from Sumersault (already sold out!). I wore it over my favorite vintage DKNY sheer dress. They're just perfect together no?

1st event: CANON Pixma Printer Launch

Canon, a world leader in digital imaging, has released a new range of PIXMA photo printers, which includes the MP287, MG8270, MG5370, and iP497. Best part? It has ECO Information built-in, Wi-fi & Cloud printing capabilities, Fun Filter Effects, Auto Photo Fix II, Full HD Movie Print , FINE high precision print head and you can print up to 1,200 pages per cartridge (that's a loooot).

Okay, why only now? Whyyyyyyyy. Haha. This would have made my HS & College life soooo much easier.

Amazing photographers!

And their best shots ever printed...

There were lots of games and a lot of Pixma printer winners! Even JL won for best photo!

i want this!!!

with Denise (i came wearing flats hehe)

with melai, nicole and kaye

2nd event: Freeway x Manansala
live tweets bongga

registration--thanks Mira and Hannah!

hello sandro of stylebible!

chai so cute

hosts tim yap and divine lee;)

the place was packed!

with hannah and mira!

 I love this collection/collaboration!:) Congrats and thanks Freeway!

3rd event: Multiply Shopping Party
I was late for the fashion show but the shopping party continued all night!

with melai, catch,, keigh, ana and angel

lovely blog friend (pls msg me for your name! sorry short term memory:()

pretty girl:)

with angel of asianvogue!!! fierce mo girl!:)

with catch

with one of the nicest blogger i know--Domz:)

with pretty mommy Lloyda & Melai

me and catch (photo from jonver)

pretty girls tracy, melai, vern & JL! 

with ana

missed Lloyda & Kookie so much!:)

love mah girl kookie:) she's the coolest girl i know!

bonding with koox who we've all missed very much!

megann and I discussing how and what to shop that night hehe

It was one helluva fun party! Kudos to the multiply team for this amazing party & the best online shopping experience evuuur. :) Will share with you guys my newest online buys tomorrow But for now, I have to catch some sleep. More meetings + PFW later. See ya later!


  1. oh, cool! you captured kumagcow's tweet! Too bad I missed you in the two events!

    I love that skirt! When I was in my teens, I asked my mom to make me a skirt like that, after so many years, it is in once again! cool!


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