MEG Shoot + Damaso

Will start posting about the events I went to tomorrow. But for now, I'm taking a break from events blogging (i miss spontaneous posts) to post some post OTD's (if there's such a thing). Last week I had a product shoot for MEG's December issue and I sweaaaar it was the hardest I've ever worked on. I would choose models (even bitchy ones) over mannequins ANYTIME. Thank you Mich for being there, you're a life (and energy) saver!

girly/ate at the back--whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy haha

signature walking shot (lol)
  Momo & Fufu shirt, Forever 21 shorts, thrifted vintage  boots, Bubbles necklace

I wanted to wear something super comfortable (and I'm glad I did) so I opted for a statement shirt, blazer and boots (it was raining hard). Accessorized again with my favorite Bubbles necklace! Love how it kick any outfit up a notch. 

There was a mix up on the schedule so I had to come in earlier than the agreed call time. Started my day with a quick lunch at Figaro. I just had to share how our "happy place" made us leave with sad and annoyed hearts. Lol.

Mich ordered this one coz she loves veggies and I'm addicted to asparagus.

This was what's served-- I sure didn't see any macaroni on the original photo and there's no veggies OR brownie on the plate. Fucking sucks. Mich wasn't in the mood for any confrontations so we just left.

Styling a mannequin was supeeeeeeer tiring.

it's like working out for 3 hours.

at work--exhausted & dizzy from all the arms and torso lifting. hehe

But what I love about MEG is that they help me return pullouts and for a stylist that's a HUGE help. Love my MEG fam!:) I took care of the Makati pullouts so Mich and I ran to Glorietta and Greenbelt after the shoot to return clothes. Ran across Angela Alarcon (Mega's fashion editor) while I'm in Zara and she's super nice.

Mich and I were so drained from all the mannequin lifting, so we rewarded ourselves with a nice dinner at Restauante Pia 'Y Damaso in Greenbelt 5. It was such a nice experience! Love the food, love the service. 

love their menu:)

Spinach sandwich and pumpkin something ravioli. They're both delish
i forgot what this is called but it tastes like caldereta with wine hehe. This was all miiiiine. Bwahaha

dark something chocolate for dessert with chili--it's not my fave but you guys might like it:)

Watch out for my product editorial on Meg's December issue.:) Will blog about the events-- Canon, Freeway, ETC, Multiply--I went to next. So many things to do, so little time! Lord, give me the energy to do everything and the will to remember that I do need to pee once a day. That's all.:)

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  1. Ohhh myyy.. hmm.. That Figaro thing really sucked. Good thing binawi ni Damaso. Yum!

  2. yes, it's easier to style a real person than a model!!! Hassle!!!!!! Lalo na if the ensemble requires shorts and pants, not just dress! hee

  3. Love your outfit Pax! :) Grabe mga models mo, stroke! Haha

    Fashion Blogger

  4. Si ate gusto rin ng outfit shot! ;) Umeeksena ang bag eh hahaha! I'll definitely check out Meg's December issue. Congrats with all the gigs, Pax! :)

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