An Afternoon in Shoe Heaven

I still have 3 events to blog about, but to be honest I'm not yet in the mood to post them. I believe it needs more time to do event/brand features than OTDs. And well yeah, I miss posting about random things, silly things. Anywaaay, sharing with you guys some photos from last Saturday. Spent the afternoon at Primadonna's office (drowning in shoes!!! Aaaaahhh). I'm happy to share with you that I'll be styling their lookbook for their website! I've always been a fan of this brand (since pre-blogging days), so to style for them (and work with the nicest owners ever) is just surreal. I will be missing a few days of PFW for this, but it's totally worth it. 

thrifted dress, Threadsence oversized shirt, Shoe Etiquette floral wedges

Wanted to wear my new oversized peach shirt from Threadsence (which I got from Chictopia's chic rewards). It's so breezy and light! Wore it over my vintage floral dress.

Bubbles necklace, Holic golightly bracelets, Envy green bracelet

thanks you mitzi of Holic!:)

thanks to my blog sister Denise for this gorgeous pair!

So I went to Primadonna's warehouse/office to look at the shoes I'm gonna use for the shoot and to come up with 30 outfits for them on the spot. Thank you Mich for being patient with me. Hehe.

gaaaaaaaah shoooes

choosing the final 30--so hard!!! i love everything!

choosing the clothes--hard din hehe

us with the owners:) they're so low profile they asked me not to post our photo hence the blur hehe

Anyway, watch out for their amazing ad campaign to be launched soon! You would love the shoes, photos and their new endorser (clue: dyosaaaaaaa)!:)

Ran to Glorietta afterwards to meet up with Ana and Melai.We spent a lot of time discussing the upcoming blogger's bazaar ( still have a million things to do!), making chika, listening to Mich's words of wisdom and eating.

serious discussion

my meal at Heaven & Eggs--lucban longganisa is love.




it was a long but super eventful night

Will blog about the past events + Bench PFW show next. And wish me luck on our shoot!:) See you when I see you at SMX! 

P.S. Watch out for my Bubbles giveaway! Posting tomorrow!


  1. Wowza! Love your wedges they are so cute, great arm party!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. I'm excited to know what store this is for! :)


  3. Me too! I love Primadonna shoes! and I love that they also have a clothing line now! I love wearing Primadonna!

    Fashion Blogger

  4. Can't wait for Primadonna's campaign.. =) I also love their shoes. =)

  5. excited for you as well miss Aisa! haha.. i love pd shoes too. may isang shoes don na binabalik balikan ko. its on sale kasi but dont have budget for it yet.. hopefully sa next sahod and by then, sana wala pang nakakabili nung shoes. :(

    btw, the shoes is size8. im size 7. okay lang po ba na 1size larger yung mga pumps/platform than my size??

  6. Wow! My favorite brand!!! Congrats and Goodluck :)

    Super excited sa Blogger's United 2 :>

  7. Ooooh i bought a pair of nude heels from Primadonna two days ago. I just love their shoes, so affordable! You are right, that's totally an afternoon in heaven. Cool, you're styling their website!! Gonna watch out for it!

  8. you're so blooming lately! :)

    join my Paisley giveaway! WIN shoes, a giant shopper and chocolates!!!


  9. i love their shoes too, though i still dont own a pair. (but my sister has a million i think) kainis ka, naexcite tuloy ako!

  10. aaaw! great job pax! :) Nice seeing you three together! ang cute nyo, love following your blogs!

    The Bargain Doll

  11. Wowww!!! Dyosa?!? Anne Curtis? hehehe :)

  12. I love your outfit! Love Primadonna too! Daming shoes! :)

  13. I love the layering of this outfit! :)


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