RRJ Fashion Show + 100th Store!

Styled for 2 RRJ fashion shows last week at SM Fairview (where Melai helped me!:) & Robinsons Galleria. I was challenged to death but it was so much fun (plus it's a paid gig haha)! Here are photos from my Galleria gig plus my coverage of their 100th store opening!:) But first, what I wore...

History: Mich and I had a little fight over my outfit shots. She got annoyed with the number of shots she has to take plus me not liking them and I' got annoyed with the photos' lack of artsy-ness plus her annoyance . We did make up after 10 minutes and reached an agreement. She promised to take maximum of 30 photos without looking annoyed. Heh! Anyway, I wasn't satisfied AT ALL with my photos (my fault really), hence the 4 location shots.

checkered shirt - Giordano Ladies, skirt - Closet Clothing, sandals - Asianvogue,   
belt - YRYS gift from Jear, bracelets - Les Roux & SG

I think my Giordano buttondown shirt + the blue flowy skirt I bought from Multiply + my candy colored heels also from Multiply--is a match made in clothes heaven. Used a leopard print belt this time to hold my skirt (which I promise to bring to the clothes doctor next time). One of my favorite outfits ever.:)

Here are the rest of the photos...
a great lunch meeting with a possible location sponsor for the 2nd blogger's bazaar! Yey! details soon:)

chika with ex-Robinsons officemates before the fashion show starts!:)

me with Robinsons merchandising girls;)

with the models

and the show starts with a contest

ladies strutting their stuff

guy models took the ramp

After the successful show, we then headed to RRJ's 100th store opening lead by their big bosses + yeng constantino & vhong navarro. It's fun transitioning from stylist to blogger. Haha.

pasabog ng coins haha

Yeing in Soule Phenomenon???:)

So here are some photos of their newly opened store. I think it looks nice! Love the displays--and I'm not saying this because I styled for them. They're starting to offer really nice clothes, clothes I would actually wear. You already saw the hooded jacket I'm crushing on, they still have more! Melai could attest to this. She has her eye on some loose tops too! :)

Mich's pick
love their counter
outside the store mandatory shot hehe

After the store opening and the intimate dinner with the RRJ people & management, Mich and I then watched the movie Contagion. Sick movie, literally & figuratively. We liked it. It's like a zombie film minus the zombies. I didn't get paranoid though but I did entertain Mich for like 3 hours acting sick, coughing away & playing dead. Haha.

So that's it for now. I'll be busy the rest of the week preparing for the upcoming Port 88 bazaar!!! It's happening on Saturday and Sunday, hope you guys could drop by! Will be posting my teaser lateeeeer. Lots of pretty items I tell you. I'll also be sharing a booth with Ana, Melai & Aie, so it's gonna be fun and chaotic. Plus most of your favorite shops are there plus Giordano (yey will see Lloyda)! Haha. Gonna catch up on some sleep. Later guys!:)



  1. Hahah, yeah I'm never satisfied with my photos either. I know the feeling of fighting the photographer over artistic angles and such but I think he's learning.

    You looked gorgeous! I'm happy the opening went well :D

  2. I'm so in love with that skirt, color ans silhouette are adorable, even more mixed with plaid! Hope you have a great week ahead.

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. You look fab especially dun sa lunch meeting niyo. Very fresh! :) I'd like to help sa blogger's bazaar if that's ok. :)

  4. It's not obvious your tired from the fashion show.You still look stunning.

  5. Gosh.. nasa Rob ako nung day na yun.. sana pala hnintay ko ung show. :)

  6. cute outfit. :) you're lucky you have someone to take your photos!

  7. I really love your outfit of the day, Pax! :) Hehe lam mo ba, that also happened to me when pau look my outfit photos. We're so gay! HAHA
    Anyway, I'm really excited of the Port 88, will drop by your booth most definitely! and also looking forward for the 2nd blogger's bazaar :)

  8. I don't think you have a bad angle so every outfit photo is just perfect!

    I am planning to watch Contagion this week. Hope the BF likes it too.

    A little request if you don't mind- please visit and like SISTERS AND FRILLS on Facebook. My sister and I are the owners of this accessories store. Hope you like a thing or two as well. Thanks! :)

  9. love your styling talaga, teh!:) RRJ never looked so good!:) love the skirt din!

  10. pax! first, Im so in love with your outfit! you are so cute! <3 and great styling! how i envy your talent!

  11. Loooove this skirt - the perfect colour and shape!! :))


  12. Oh, Pax. I know how you feel. I take photos of EVERYTHING and make my boyfriend take photos of ME+EVERYTHING and he always get annoyed and then I get annoyed... But then I read Cher's comment above. And she's so right. :)

    You look great in all of the photos btw!


  13. I love your outfit in this post! You look great! :)

  14. love your outfit! match na match! :)

  15. I really love the collar of your top! And the jackets at RRJ are so awesome. I didn't know they carried such fierce clothes. :D

  16. I love the colors in this outfit!

  17. hahaha. I can relate to you and my family and friends will probably relate to mich. hahaha. dapat talaga artsy yung photo ng kahit konti! its hard to achieve, you know! :)


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