Port 88 Bazaar: Day 2!

Here are the rest of the photos from last weekend's Port 88 Bazaar! It was fun as ever. Met more blog friends! I didn't get everyone's name so if you're in the photos below, please let me know so I can edit and put a caption!:)

 sheer top - WAGW, houndstooth shorts - Archive Clothing, shoes - Janylin, necklace - Mauve, leather bracelet - Mauve & Les Roux, yellow satchel - F-Stop, rings - Anagon

Fell inlove with this top when I pulled it out for my Manila Bulletin shoot (story of every stylist's life haha), well who wouldn't?:) I love that it's breezy and goes well with everything. Wore it with my custom made highwaist shorts, leopard print belt and my super comfy Juan by Janylin wedges.:) Accessorized with my Multiply buys --layered beaded necklace from Mauve, studded leather bracelet from Mauve & yellow satchel bag from F-Stop. I don't usually wear rings but these connector rings from Anagon are too cute to pass off!

Now here are the lovely people I've met, laughed with and made chika that day! You all made our day extra special!:) Thank you so much!

with maan!:)

thank you Trex (Depot's production officer) for dropping by & buying!

us with Maye! nice seeing you again!

with the owner of Pirouette/blogger--pretty Acha!:)

in their lovely booth:)

with the gorgeous owner of Chicify, Mikka!:)

and her lovely booth!:) lots of pretty stuff--drools.

with my 2 fave girls--Aileen & Trina of The Traveling Closet! 

with my friend's sister Patty! thanks for the support dear!

and her equally cute (and shopaholic!) friends from St. Paul Manila all of them wearing Anagon wire headband!cuute!

love this shot hehe
hi genevieve!:) 

with my FIP friend Lia!

with Bags In The City owner Cathy! And yes, her cute dress is from Archive! Looks perfect on her!:)
Suelas co-owner Kaye!:)

nice meeting you Yna! and thanks for buying!:)

my lakas makayaman sister

with Kim of Momo & Fufu store! Bought shirts from her:)

with Tin of Tinjaman, she's so adorable!:)
kaguluhan galore

they're going gaga over Anagon's customized ring, necklace & keychain! benta!!!

with our favorite customers Giezelle Uy & Erika Lim!:)

haha thanks for the support!

rest muna

love this!!! owner of st.rebel street boutique in her amazing body chain! spine kung spine!

with Keep Shoes owner Eilis Tan!:) we've known each other since my Robinsons days!

pretty Vern dropped by as well!

Aie with her cute shoes from Tinjaman! She got them on sale! Gandaaa.

tambay at St.Rebel Boutique and saying hi to Laureen & Camille as they passed by. Haha.

Again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who came, bought from us and said hi! Port 88 will always be my favorite bazaar. Congrats to the List group again! :) Can't wait for the next one. And watch out for us again on December! Blogger's Bazaar. Weeeeee!:) See you guys around!


  1. Awww looks like you had so much fun! Btw, love your top, hun!

  2. too bad i missed the bazaar :(

  3. Looks super fun!!! I love your outfit and that green satchel from chicify! :)

  4. Love ya pax! fave ko yun naka wired headband silang lahat, so cute! :) <3

  5. It was nice talking to you and finally getting a picture with you Aisa! Whenever I saw you in Rockwell bazaars before, I was always too shy to approach you hehe.

    I'm the girl wearing the pink blazer and turquoise, btw. My name is Genevieve Chuachiaco =)

    See you in future bazaars!

  6. favorite customers :D umunat naman yung hair ko dun :)) pwede pa grab ng photos? :)

  7. Uuuy! Ganda ng outfit shots! Perfect! haha. It was great finally meeting you pax/ aisa (+ everyone else)!!!! you're super super nice and friendly talaga. see you around + best of luck to all your projects!

  8. Pax! I love your top.and the shorts you did it? Ang galing naman :) You have so many cute outfits!!

  9. hey, beautiful photos ;) love your look
    i am a new follower. please, follow me back if you like my blog

  10. This is UNBELIEVABLE.
    I want everything you are wearing.
    Its so-so-so amazing!
    District of Fashion

  11. I love you Miss Pax! You are so nice! Weeee! BTW, that's me on the first pic of the people you met! :))

  12. @Kym - it was super fun!:) and thank yoou:)

    @Francesca - go to the Blogger's Bazaar on December!:)

    @shopcawaii- thank you dear!=D

    @Anagon - love love te!!!:)

    @Genevieve - hi pretty!!! nice to meet you!!!:)

    @erika - grab lng te!:)

    @Acha - loved our bonding and chika moments!!! so glad kau neighbor namin sa bazaar!:) thanks for everything too sis!:)

    @Rovie - yes po! thank yoou!:)

    @joumana - followed you:)

    @sisley08 - ikaw pala yan! hehehe nice to meet you!!!:)

  13. Hi Paxie :) So many cute finds at Archive Clothing. nice meeting you too!

  14. Sayang nde nko nkabalik nung second day, HAHA it was nice seeing you! will wear your floral top soon! :)

    xx Kaye

  15. Ayyy! I wish I was there! Lovely outfit, Paxie. :)

  16. weee! nice meeting you din po! :))

  17. grabe fave tlga?favesellers dinnmn kau dat time!:))dat time lng!joke!!:)) thank u super nice nyo tlga ever!!!!sana makachika ko kau matagaln minsan!:)


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