Back in Highschool

So last month I attended St.Scho Marikina's 50th Grand Alumni Reunion! I was super excited coz after 10 years, I'm finally gonna step foot in that one place where I spent half of my life in. :) I was also contacted by the program director Ms. Connie Macatuno (a koolasa who's now an ABS-CBN director) to style for their fashion show. Thank you Hannah of Freeway & Errol of TOPS for lending me clothes! If I had a choice I wouldn't have said yes though, I totally missed out bonding with my friends and batchmates coz I was busy styling. :( Anyway, here's what happened through photos!

sneaked out of the tent and was able to say hi to a few friends and batchmates!

classmate and friend Madel!

in the "styling" tent--spent 4 hours in here!

my assistants! my sister & mich

breaktime hehe

my sister , mich and my good friend Tetel! oh and can u see the big Shakey's bus behind them?

After the successful makeover fashion show (which I have no photos of coz I was stuck in the tent) we decided to go around and reminisce! Oh how I miss St. Scho. Best chapter/years of my life. :)

my section in 4th year!

 yearbook photo! 2nd from left last row:) they kept on teasing me when this came out coz I was looking somewhere else! Karir. Lolz.

perfect description of our class. Haha. We had to change advisers 3 freaking times!

new canteen!:)

omg Chits! it's our lunch food currency (laminated cutout cartolinas in P5-20 denomination)

by the famous rubber tree--the space is for our good friend Lea who's now in Abu Dhabi! We miss you girl!

i miss!

run into some friends and batchmates!:) girl on my left is a good friend & now my dentist--hi J!

this is where we often hangout during Fridays (when everyone else is busy in their respective clubs haha)

quadrangle! where we often conduct our cheering practices & monday assemblies. Nostalgic!

canteen! miss ko na my P25 giniling/menudo with rice & patis lunch. LOL.

drinking fountains! okay i was really thirsty so i had to drink. Haha.

old bench & announcement board! this is where officers usually make tambay and where i often get slapped with violation reports. Booo.

tetel and the bidang payphone! this is where I desperately call my mom whenever i forget projects or assignments at home. Ginagamit din sa panliligaw. HAHA.

a diorama of our school--it has been there forever!
afraid pa din!

this is where students run to when they dont have assignments or they didnt study for a test. Lol.
 Our principal whom we fondly called Sister Bek Bek. She hated us.Seriously, she was super strict. I nearly didn't graduate! But thank God for Jubilee Year (cue song: it's a time for joy, a time for peace...) she gathered all the "notorious" students (which filled one room!) and offered a clean slate! Year of forgiveness daw kc. Haha. During an assembly she also told us that if she finds out we had an underground prom,we'd all be expelled. So that's why I never got to experience prom. Haha. 

exhibit of all batche's photos! awww.

I spent a lot of time in this classroom. Memorable. Hi chiara mae! Haha.

HA!!! I'm number one! Chos. Pax means peace in latin.;0

# 18 Mang Ubas was our favorite guard! Everybody knows him!

One solid, one liquid--what we were required to bring during outreach programs. Haha. 

Cheering - my fave! most awaited competition of the year!:) PTC--hate! haha

#44 & 46--my forte!!! Haha

Okay, I'm not swaying you guys to do illegal things but my HS was a blast because of my being carefree (aka violations). Lol! I remember that one day I saw my Dad go inside the principal's office and I thought, "I'm soooo dead!" True enough when I got home, I was. Haha. Our principal would often ask me if ate is really my sister coz she's super demure (think model student) and me, well she often reprimands me for not wearing my uniform properly& for all other things. Told me I'd probably be a bold star when I grow up. Haha. My violations were extensive (will not disclose na haha), but you know I needed all that to look back to. My friends and I still laugh about them! I never neglected my grades though! Anyway, it's part of who I am today--strong, persistent & motivated. :) Fun times.

bayad tuition kunware

Chapel! I still have a photo of me in this chapel during my 1st communion! Plus madaming ghost stories dito!

tetel panira ng moment. haha

run into more friends/batchmates!

my sister and the others doing the 1st communion pose!
same pose, same steps:) i'm in front, 4th from left!

me, arki, hasmyn, mian

behind us is the the famous grotto(na natakpan na)!

 program at the new gym! This gym is where we often have our assemblies,1st friday mass, cheering competitions & PE classes!

now this is new! Pax: pano sila swim? nakabikini? Tetel: hindi, nakabloomers cguro! Lol!

lumalover's lane kunware hahaha

my only outfit shot--whuuuuut!

we bought anniversary shirts! PLUS I bought a PE t-shirt! nostalgic!


daming tao!

 hosted by St. Scho Marikina alumnis Agot Isidro & Amy Perez with love. haha

opening speech by the new principal:)

and then bonggang presentations by batch. No batch 2000 (my batch) booooo!

cute ni teacher (at the middle!) dancing to lady gaga in full costume!

our favorite math teacher Ms. Motas tumi-tina turner!!! you na!

at shuma-shakira pa!

our THE teacher, omg daming bloopers nito dati. 

the legendary Mr. Ubas!!! It's just sad that he's sick but donations poured the whole night!!!:) Before he went onstage Amy Perez mistakenly thought he had died & announced it. The look on her face when he came onstage was priceless. Major EPIC FAIL of the night! Hahaha

of course d mawawala si randy santiago. LOL! since I was in grade school lagi sha present! ikaw na babaero!

and jeffrey hidalgo... his sister arnie is my sister's batchmate and friend!:)

outstanding koolasa awardees! I can see amy perez, agot isidro and marina benipayo!:)

watching from the legendary bleachers!

It was a fun night filled with nostalgia and memories. I miss St. Scho. I have a lot of fond memories of this place--friends I've made, lives we shared, dreams we built. Wish I could be a koolasa forever! Favorite years of my life. :)

Sharing with you guys photos from the baul! (sana we have digicam na before noh? para more pictures! :/) Please don't laugh. I'm sharing with you guys all photos even those I wanna burn out of embarassment!

3rd from left, 1st row-- bat ba nauso yung pagpin ng hanky sa uniform! haha
Grade 2 class pic! i'm not hard to miss. my teacher was not very happy when she saw this. Lol.

Grade 4- i'm beside our teacher! hehe. Was Class President but got impeached coz I got caught in the middle of a shoe throwing horseplaying incident in front of the classroom. Heh.

Grade 5-at my teacher's back, yuck with the one length hair! Haha.  I remember my crying episode when I was asked to give warning cards to people not speaking in english (I was class president then, ewan ko kung baket haha). I cried coz I can't do it coz most of them are my friends. Haha.

Grade 6 graduation! I'm at the far right haha. I was the President & editor of our Filipino/Tagalog school newspaper/publication! Akalain mo yun! Haha.

4th from left, 2nd row -- Josephine, my dentist, is at my right!:)
 OMG. I die. Yes, tibo lang! LOL!

 When and where is thiiiiis!!! OMG. 2nd from left.

 yearbook photo! oo na oo na oo na! haha.
Most of my HS life was spent in cheering practices. We were super dedicated and competitive then! We often skip lunch just to have extra time & gave up our weekends too. My parents nearly disowned me. Haha. My sister had to pay for my cheering uniform (after bawling my eyes out) coz my parents thought it was too expensive. But it was all worth it! We always won! We competed in Johnson & Johnson & got featured in the tv show Gameplan! I super love our squad. :)

our last year cheering for our school. Huhu.

I remember getting a wicked blackeye from one of our practices coz a friend elbowed me! I had to compete in Xavier School sporting my signature blackeye. If stares could kill I'd be dead by now coz everyone was just staring at me--at it. Lolz. I also remember our J&J competition at Makati Coliseum when I had to run to the bathroom at the last minute coz of stomach problems (I ate too much hardboiled egg on the way), when I got back they were already onstage and waiting for me! EPIC. Haha. Oh! and I'd never forget that night during practice when I fell from the pyramid and hit the back of my head on the floor and I got immobilized for like 2 minutes. They panicked coz they thought I was bleeding to death (it was a friend who was bleeding coz I hit her mouth) and ran to Mcdonalds to get ice only to see me on top of the pyramid again when they got back. Kamot ulo moment. Fun times. 

Read more fun cheering stories (and see me in my cheering uniforms haha) HERE!!! See more photos and St. Scho stories HERE & HERE! :)

That's all! Stay in school! And while you're at it, enjoy!!!


  1. Omg daming nating parehong memories! ganon ba pag galing all girls school? sa Colegio de Sta. Rosa naman ako, sa intramuros. Haayy I miss Highschool

    xx Kaye

  2. This was so much fun to read! Love all of your stories and the pictures. :) Makes me wish I went to regular highschool instead of home studying. xx


  3. haha. your photos looks so adorable! You should make a post regarding before and after look. hehe ;p
    BTW, I'd like to invite you to my "TheStyleQuarter Giveaway [LINK]".
    I hope you can join. :)

  4. wahahahah!! favorite post :D i love your 2nd grade pic babe. ang landi moooooo!!! :p

  5. It looked like so much fun!!! My batch in high school is also planning a reunion, can't wait to go back, nostaligia to the max! Thanks for sharing all those photos and all your old photos. It was nice to see what you were like back then :D

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post ;)

  7. OMG si Tetel!!! We were friends back in college, I miss her~

    And haha bakit may hanger sa doorknob ng clinic, ang random!

  8. OMG si Tetel!!! We were friends back in college, I miss her~

    And haha bakit may hanger sa doorknob ng clinic, ang random!

  9. nakaka-miss ang high school! this is a very nice post! i enjoyed looking at your photos!


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