Styling Stint: The Notebook Inspired

Styled for another The Notebook inspired pre-nup shoot months ago at The Greenery, Bulacan. The place is gorgeous and styled the prettiest couple ever.:) Here are some behind the scene photos as well as my feeling photographer shots. Hehe.

 top-thrifted, skirt-F-stop, flats-millies, belt-YRYS, accs-random

cute couple--Mary & Ed

It was scorching hot that day but they were both game to do anything! I wanted to die due to heat exhaustion. Hehe. We were all over the place and we had to do long walks for wardrobe & layout changes.

Adrian kept on retouching Mary coz of the heat

Adrian did a great job doing Mary's hair & makeup!

Love this house! reminds me of old american houses:)

hehe cute trains on display!

adrian modelling the old american houses hehehe
matching shoes! hehe

Congratulations again Mary & Ed!:)


  1. OOooh they are so cute :D and i love how they look. I agree that pretty well done job with hair, make up. :)

  2. Aw Mary and Ed are adorable, the pictures looks so pretty and the wardrobe is lovely!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. wow....they look pretty! congrats :)

  4. The place looks amazing!!

  5. ganda! love the place, the styling and the hair and make up! super the notebook inspired nga! :)

  6. Ang ganda nung place, may I know where particularly in Bulacan?

  7. Amazing vintage outfits! :P

  8. Love the vintage inspired look they were aiming for. Very nice. =)

  9. Ya!! The place is worth a visit. I didn't know that there is a place like this here. Our country is really awesome. ^^ How did you know about these places?? haha..just curious ^^. Fighting!! <3

  10. Ang bongga bongga! Love the place, the styling, makeup and the couple makes me want to propose to Allan chos!


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