Project Runway Season 3 Launch

Got invited to attend the very exclusive Project Runway Season 3 launch at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5. Came with mah girl Aie. Here are photos from the event! But first, what I wore...

 top-depaige, palazzo pants-c/o Iconique, strappy heels- c/o Schu, bag-vintage Versace, necklace-SM accs, belt-thrifted, bracelet-from SG

It's so funny, Aie kept teasing me coz I was a condo/real estate agents magnet that day! They just kept on popping up offering me condominiums. Haha. Blame it on the pants. In Aie's words, "Lakas makayaman!". LOL. We also came in matching outfits. Great minds think alike. Haha!

 thanks girl for being my photographer that day! hehe

So anyway back to the event, it was held in the oh so posh Chateau 1771. Great ambiance, great food.

 met up with Kate from ETC also a good friend of ours.:)

yum yum

 ETC chairman, mentor Jojie Lloren, host Tweetie de Leon, host Apples Aberin & host Rajo Laurel

 all smiles while they answer questions from the press

 ms. lulu tan-gan

 love her dress! by veejay floresca;)

ex/current PMAP presidents-phoem barranda and rissa mananquil 

Watch out for the bigger and more bonggang Project Runway on ETC channel!:) It will premier on February 2012, so mark your calendars coz this season they're gonna focus more on Filipino pride, character, materials and culture. Their goal is to inspire each designer to whip up something Filipino that can stand out among other global brands. It would definitely be an iconic season as Filipino model Tweetie de Leon- Gonzales takes over as the host, bringing her years of experience as a model here and abroad. Joining her is Acclaimed designer Jojie Loren as mentor as well as internationally renowned designer Rajo Laurel and top model Apples Aberin as returning judges. Exciting!

Oh, and if that doesn't excite you then this might do--they're partnering with Asian Institute of Academy iAcademy and they'll be using a new fashion design program that makes use of modern IT design tools!:) So techie!

Know when and where to audition by clicking HERE. If you wanna know what  it has to take to be the next big thing in Philippine Fashion, click HERE. :)

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  1. Natawa ako sa "condo magnet"! hahaha Talaga, clothes can speak lots. Ako din nga dto when I wear blazers and and full biznessman glory!

    Bongga ang techie partnership! Exzite!

  2. great post!!! i really like it


  3. I love your pants Ms. Pax!! :)

  4. ang bongga naman nitong project runway! you look good as always! :)

  5. you look so chic! i love the color of your pants so much!
    The Niknok Style

  6. How cool! Trousers you wore are really show stoppers!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. Very Chic outfit! Love the little details of the leopard on your watch and shoes :)

    This post makes me more excited for Project Runway Philippines :)

  8. hahaha natatawa ko sa "lakas makayaman!" =)

  9. wow apples' dress is to die for!!! but your pants are also equally amazing *hyperventilates* lol! :)

    You look so chica!


  10. HEAD TO TOE FLAWLESS! Fave outfit from you BY FAR!!! x

  11. omo!! You are a popular fashion icon. Great!! :)))

  12. Best look you've ever had! You look expensive. :) FAVE!


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