Philippine Fashion Ball Part Deux

Please forgive my poor grammar and sentence construction in my previous post (and my other posts). Hehe. I'm aware that it has gone downhill. I swear I was better before but due to lack of sleep and food deprivation, I think my brain shrunk in half. Heee. Thank you friends who helped (and still helps) me correct them! I truly truly appreciate it.:)

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos that night. I don't know how my previous post got cut in half! I swear when I published my post it was all there and then it disappeared. Sucks much!!! Here ya go...

Enciso sisters--in matching, gowns so cute!

with vern

love justine's gown!

with ana and krissy

with patricia prieto!

thank Ed!!!

hosts rajo laurel & tessa prieto

presenters-- i see mother gretchen!

designer awardees -- i see inno sotto and lulu tan gan

Love Liz Uy's gown!!!

bonggang back!

me and my date--chos!!! harhar

everyone was dressed to kill. 

love her polka gown

We then decided to go the restroom to rest a little and take more photos...

Aie, Ana and I went to Salon De Ning to make chika and take more photos... Haha..
feel na feel ang gown. haha

us making chika outside the ballroom with an artista (dont know his name haha)

bumped into amazing designer Jot Losa!

jot's muse wearing his creation!

Okay that's the end of it. Sorry if I don't have photos of me with celebrities (you know me guys, I hate approaching people and asking hehe). You can just check out Stylebible to see who came.:) Speaking of Stylebible...

i look awkward na naman but whatever. Haha

For those who are asking, my gown is a Dimple Lim creation. Just google her. :) For more questions(as in any questions), just comment away! Have a great Friday everyone!:)


  1. Don't take it personally pero I just wanna help too. weeee :D

    instead of this,

    **Thank you friends who helped (and still helps)

    i think it's supposed to be

    **Thank you friends who helped (and still HELP)

    good day! :)

  2. i really adore your gown, super pretty you! and the enciso sisters are really gorgeous!!


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