Kim Hyun Joong x The Face Shop Presscon

Got invited to the very exclusive The Face Shop luncheon/press conference with endorser Kim Hyun Joong last Friday at Palm Grove, Rockwell. I'm not really fond of Korean thingies but he's so adorable and gwapo! Here are some photos from the event...

tubetop-Unarosa, pants-PINKaholic, blazer-Riots Barbie, wedges-c/o Chickflick, earrings- Anagon

You all know how much I looooove anything polka, so when I saw this pants from PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe I bought it right away! Lloyda bought one too. We're now trouser sisters. Heee. Wore it with a tube top and my lime blazer. The tassel earrings from Anagon and maryjane wedges from Chickflick sealed the whole look! Haylavet.

Anyway, back to regular programming. Here are photos from the bonggang event!

The Face Shop brand manager:)

And now feast your eyes on the cuteness that is Kim Hyun Joong. Wiiiiiiin.
speech speech speech, yum yum yum.

Gelli De Belen handed the flowers

kilig sa ate super! hihi

Okay, more cuteness...
hi kuya sino silip mo?

Grace speaking in korean..she's so adorbs too!

And then the press were called one by one to ask questions...
That's Shai of Lovechic!

and i forgot where she's from but i love her outfit! Bet.

Kim answered questions mainly about his skin regimen, his favorite Face Shop product, his advise to Pinoy Men re skin care. No questions were asked about his life, love or gender. Chos. But in fairness I love him na because of his huge................ heart!!! During his last visit, he donated P1 Million to a shelter for single, unwed or abandoned moms. Awww. And as if his kindness isn't enough, he also acts, sings, dances, plays the piano, violin, etc. etc. You're such a winner kuya. You already! So purrrrfect.

 the press

his outfit up for auction!

so sweet! his biggest fan is a 74 year old lady! she cried when she saw him, aww.:)

she reportedly won a P100K auction just to finally have a photo with him. WOW:)

bff for the day Alyssa Lapid! Hi giirrrrrl!

kim and his giant cheque for the foundation!

bagay sila:)

fellow bloggers--Tracy, Lissa and Tin!

i dragged Tin outside to take more photos. Haha.

then lissa joined us!

That's it. Am sorry if I haven't drawn the Penshoppe and SCHU winners yet. Later I promise! Have to run early coz I have 1 million pullouts for my Manila Bulletin shoot tomorrow and on Tuesday. Thank God I have amazing assistants! Hi Kristin & Joyce. Hehe. And then I have an AZTA salon haircolor date with Melai (yey!) and then my videoke party with HS friends. Haggggard. Catch up on you guys later! Enjoy your weekend.:)


  1. He's gwapo nga! And I love your outfit pax! It's so Korean too. Your blazer aaaah I die!

  2. I love love your look! specially the blazer, my favorite color! :)


  3. Oh I love the color of your blazer. have been looking for that kind of yellow for a long time now. Great Look combined with the polka dots trousers.


  4. I'm not into Korean thingies as well but I loved Boys Over Flowers (one of his shows). He's so adorable. >____<

  5. This outfit is amazing, and the event looks like it was a lot of fun. Subscribed!

  6. Oh My GOd!! I'm such a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong or Hyun joong oppa. (Hyun Joong is his first name :)Especially of the boyband he belongs in, SS501. Ms. Aisa you are very lucky. You have seen him near. T.T *Envy*

    Yes, Ms. Gelli de Belen is also a Kpop fanatic and she have gone to Korean concerts and conventions here in the Philippines. :)

    And about the lola who came there, we made a campaign for her. It is her last wish before she'll leave.

    Hyun Joong is really a good person. Honestly, he doesnt wan't to publish or be known to the public, the charities he have done.

    And about your outfit, your polka dot prints made you stand out. :)

    PS. I'll share this post, I'm sure many Korean fan-girls and fan-addicts will react linking HJ and the girl. :) But it's alright, they will just get envy. :) *peace*

  7. Wow, Gelli de Belen must be a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I remember seeing her too during his concert here last June.

  8. i love your life, full of running here and there and fashion in between..cute naman your Kim post he's like mabait sa personal.keep it up girl..=)

  9. Hello, bff for the day! :) sarap ng desserts noh? Hahaha

  10. Wow, I'm mentioned in your blog! Haha! :) I am soooooper excited! :)

    Btw, I posted some of the pictures during ACLE here :
    You might be interested. If you have time lang naman to visit my humble blog. HAHA! Thanks dear!

    Belated happy birthday again!

  11. Wow Tin and you looked so amazing, I need me a yellow blazer asap, happy sunday!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  12. OMIGOD you are so lucky! i ADORE him. he is the cutest thing EVER. ahhhhh. i wish he'd come to the states and have one of these events lol. i'd be all over that xD

    love your polka dot pants too :)

    giveaway! win four gorgeous rings

  13. inggit much!!! hyun joong was such a cutie! Sooner I will blog all about kpop.. ;) thanks for the post and I super adore your blog.. always .. :)

  14. Such a cool look, Aisa.
    I have been missing you.

  15. Love this look! The polka dots and yellow together are perfect!

    Check out my blog some time at http://stylelustpages.com!


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