Kat & Katre

How did you guys spend your long weekend?:) Spent mine shooting for 2 Manila Bulletin editorials (Jear shot 6! Wow!) :) I'm finally done with them and they're maybe coming out next week. Yeey. Anyway, here are photos from that one rainy night I pulled out clothes. And finally sharing with you guys the pretty little store of Kat Corpuz hidden at the heart of Katipunan.:)

Dress-Forever 21, jacket-from HK, boots-Janylin, necklace-Anagon

went crazy over the cute clothes by KATre!:)

Love this dress! 

and this paperbag shorts for just P700:)

cute printed mod dress


bet na bet

 yes ganyan talaga mag text. Haha.

RTW's by Kat Corpus!

i want this weekender bag

love this gown:)

cute shoes by NOOR! too bad they don't have it in my size anymore:(

kat corpus dress I pulled out before for Audrey Zubiri:)

wanted to wear this at the Phil.Fashion Ball but wala sa peg. next time! haha chos.

 accessories and shoes galore

pretty shoes from Kat and NOOR.

i want the eiffel tower keychains:)


uy they also have the house of harlow replica necklace!:)

ear candies

Thank you Kat for being ever so accommodating! Special thanks to the owner of KATRE & Noor shoes too. :) Went to Megamall afterwards to pullout some more...

...and then went home and shopped at Multiply some more! 

 cute colored sweatshirt from Lovely Tomato

new shoes for Mich from Beau Stuff Shop!

It's raining like crazy and the weather has made me into an oversleeping sloth. Hope I wake up in time for the SMART event later. I have a strong feeling I'm gonna bag a free Smart Net Phone. I heard it's amazing. Wish me luuuck!:)


  1. Wow, I didn't know a boutique like that exists in Katips. Will definitely visit to check out their shoesies!


  2. Hello Aisa
    where in Katipunan is this? :)

  3. great outfit! :)

    Jacklyn ☮❤ Aly´s Book

  4. Where exactly is the store in Katipunan? Would love to visit it soon! And I love your jacket :)

  5. Love your outfit of the day! ang gaganda ng item sa store, I also wanna check it out, where in Katipunan.

    Wow jealoussss! heard so many great reviews about that phone, I also wanna get my hands of that phone. Wishing you luck for the free phone!

    Kaye (http://thestylelux.blogspot.com)

  6. so many fantastic thinks :) I love this printed mod dress and long light pink - wow !

  7. babes, this store looks fantastic! san banda? can't wait to check it once i'm there na...


  8. Love all the clothes and no long weekend for me. I was in the office the entire time but at least it's double pay. You look great as always. :)

  9. Wow. Where is this in Katips? :)

  10. Aw. How I wish sumama ko sa pull-out. Heehee. Super ganda nung Kat Corpuz collection... Btw, you look so pretty in your outfit girl, very girly eh! Love your dress, jacket, and boots!!!! :)


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