Going Military

 Here's a quick outfit post before I leave the house. Meeting up with Mich and her sister at Eastwood. Heeh.This is what I wore for a quick trip to the mall and when I went to Penshoppe to take photos of the items for giveaway. :)

dress used as top-LovePreloved Shoppe, pants-thrifted, shoes-janeo, bag-c/o Cava bags

Love the dress' shoulder details!:) And the bag sent to me by CAVA is amazing. It super looks expensive with the gorgeous hardware--and don't you just love the fringes?:) You can buy this bag online for just P1199. :)

Anyway, just wanted to also share with you guys what I recently bought from Multiply using their new system. Told ya, addicting. LOL.

And here are some gifts sent my way, awww. :)
Primadonna clog heels, Carlainity bag, Flattering Tops shirt, CAVA bag, Funkyplum multiway top, Closet Clothing skirt, turbans from Sarah!

That's it. Thanks for all the love. :) Catch up with you later:) Enjoy your Friday!

P.S. Don't forget to join my SCHU & PENSHOPPE giveaways!


  1. hi ms. aisa, please go to my friend's online shop here (https://www.facebook.com/ilovegetstuffed8)

    she also sells the same scallop button through crop shirt you purchased for a cheaper price! :) Thanks

  2. WOW! nice finds ate pax!

  3. Love the overlap playsuit you bought, can't wait to see your look that :)

  4. Oh wow. Those scallop shirts are so cheap. I got one in Topshop during their sale, and it was still 1000+. Sigh. Nice haul, btw! :)


  5. I would've never guessed that's a dress, the shoulders are rad!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. nice outfit you got there Pax!
    kelan mo pa-raffle mga gifs sa 'yo :)

  7. Go girl power!!! Like your outfit, it exudes something about a woman.

  8. you look awesome~!
    great buys and gifts!!!

  9. Hi Aisa! I just want to thank you for your purchases! I hope you liked them! ♥ - Jen


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