SMART X HTC, Polka x Stripes

Went to the SMART x HTC event last week and it was THE BOMB! I expected a low-key event but I was so wrong I ended up going there underdressed. Haha. The crowd was super hip and amazing plus my fellow bloggers won awesome HTC phones! (I'm done grieving for coming late and going home empty handed, boo). Here's my outfit the whole day (from a magazine shoot to the event itself)...

 shirt-borrowed from Mich, skirt-thrifted, boots-ebay, watch-c/o Aldo, belt-c/o SM accs

I tried movement shots but successfully failed. HAHA.
 yes i always wear shorts underneath skirts or dresses. Haha.

Anyway, here are photos from the event! It was held at OPUS...
melai, aivan, reg, me, ana, krissy

stripes army!!! hehehe

with friend/model Kate Bautista

HTC girls:)

the faces behind Bloggers United!

i love beauty bloggers!:)

with Mr. Slick (tama ba slick? haha am so lost haha)

gorgeous siblings--Vern and Verniece

with Pepe Smith! yeeeah!

Michelle was nice enough to remember me! I styled her a few days before the event:)

with blog sister ana and new blog friend aivan!

Reg and her new HTC phone!

big screen where our tweets were projected! Bongga! haha

post event lamon + bonding:)

Again, congratulations to SMART & HTC for a successful event and amazing partnership!:)


  1. oh woow. my friend showed me his HTC sensation and it has such a fast processor. it's an amazing phone. move over iphone!:D

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! You are great with pattern mix!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. love ko shoes mo pax! and carry naman ng red lips mo ang outfit..

  4. wow, reg won a new phone! cool! :)
    love your outfit! :)


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