Pure by Paradigm Shift

I fell inlove with Paradigm Shift's newest collection. Maybe because I love anything white, I'm biased like that. Hehe. Every piece is truly an art, a fashion statement, truly pure. Congrats Karl & Mike!

Paradigm Shift was inspired to make a collection devoid of colors and complications. Influenced by the Japanese idea of minimalism and reaffirming the beauty of  fluidity , the garments though simple can be worn in various ways. As for the accessories, intestine-like neckpieces and cuffs made of cotton wool were created to balance the blank and unadulterated clothing.   The lightweight fabric which was made of single knit cotton, chiffon  and mesh  leads you into a dreamy state with sheer trails, easy silhouettes , undulating drapes.

Shop for these pieces HERE. :)

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  1. oh, I love the photos! especially that outfit on the first photo, it's to die for! :)


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