10 Random Ramblings

I had a really great chill day today. Went out earlier to satisfy all my food cravings (fried isaw, buchi, ice scramble, siomai, kwek-kwek) and thrifted all afternoon while listening to my sunshiney playlist. I went out without bathing, just because. LOL. I even ran across Ms. Athena of SM while I was eating ice scramble! :) Come 8pm, Aie came to my apartment to drop off something and ate at the cafe downstairs while we chatted to death. Mich and I headed to Gerry's Grill afterwards to satisfy my "ulam with sabaw" craving--had a huge bowl of sinigang! Fun fun day. More ramblings below...

1.) Found the perfect flat ankle boots! Lookie...

 2.)I'm already building Archive's upcoming collection. Take a peek see on some items!
maxi skirt, orange shorts, salmon skirt, tie-dye shirt

floral blazer, polka sheer sleeves dress, yellow pussybow top, white s/s blazer

3.) More shoes...
Payless is on sale!:)

4.) New blazers I bought from an Indonesian online shop & one of my foreign blog friends!
buy from http://riotsbarbie.tumblr.com/ (her blazers are cheaper than those on ebay!)

5.) I'm ready for a new tattoo...right side lower abdomen this time?
ambigram of saint/sinner. new tattoo design! *from Bullseye Tattoos
6.) I also recently updated my Blog Shop and will be uploading more items soon! I'm just waiting for our lights to get changed so I can take photos of the other items.

now selling my yellow blazer & chilli margarita ankle boots!

7.) This came in the mail months ago but seeing it still warms my heart. 
some sample greeting cards  and my unicef card:)

8.) I'm joining the Port 88 bazaar on September! This time I'll be sharing a booth with Ana, Melai & Aie. Some of you might remember that I joined the 1st one last year (see blog post here). It was a success and it became a huge blogger's meet-up. That is where I first met Ana, Melai, Lloyda, Bestie, Kookie, Kryz and a lot more.:) We're already planning as early as now. Guys, please come and support us. Hehe.

photos from Port 88 bazaar last year:)

9.)FEATURES! Thank you so so much:)
 Philippine Star-Call it Spring

Inquirer - SM Accessories event

Philippine Star - Freeway x Sionil Jose


read (thank you Kira!)

so honored to be a nominee. vote for me? or the others?:) Click HERE. :)

10.) Going to the derma tomorrow! I'm itching to see her--literally & figuratively. My Atopic dermatitis had worsen. I've had this since I was like 3 years old. Aside from my steroids (cream) & virlix party, my derma told me to only wear jewelry above 10 karats (very specific ha! hehe) and to relocate to Switzerland where it's cold (specific nga). It acts up when it's too cold & when it's too hot. Bipolar lng? Haha. Anyway, my derma is one of the best in the country--and her rate's not high. When I was a kid we went to like 4 dermas (including Imelda Marcos' derma at Makati Med! sorry parents if I made you poor), but it's only her that made it go away, not permanently, but for years (it's on/off). Will try to take photos tomorrow! PM me if you wanna know her clinic and contact.

--I still have so many things to share with you guys, but I'll save that for another post. Heh. Must rest in a bit. I also have a children's party to attend + a videoke night with HS friends tomorrow. It's gonna be a looooooooooong Saturday. As for you lovelies--have fun, have fun wherever you are!

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  1. great shopping and so many great press reviews dear.

    My latest post on the Dolls Factory
    Vintage Shopping in Como, Fendi sunglasses from the 80s Let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi pax! love the shoes that you bought in Payless.. Especially the green one.. so cute.. =)

  3. This is an awesome blog!
    I just came upon it and i am already a follower!
    I'll try entering the giveaway. Remain Fashionable!

  4. So many features coming your way, so many blessings! You deserve all of those cause you're such a great person!! :)) Miss Pax just wanna ask how much did the shipping cost you in the Indonesian online shop ?


  5. wow pax, so many features!!! can't wait for the bazaar :)

  6. so it's been a year na pala since i followed and idolized you as a blogger.. haha.. :) and i actually went to port 88 bazaar last year just to shop at your store.. time flies.. hahaha ^_^

  7. You're welcome, pax! Congratulations on your other features :)

  8. congrats babe! Ang chaka ko pero pa grab nadin nung sa inquirer ha? =)


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