Giveaway Winners!

So sorry for the delay, I just got super busy. Thank you Mich for doing the dirty job for me. Hehe. So to cut the chase, here are the lucky winners of my big summer giveaway and Chicify giveaway!:) Drawn via random.org--forever. Lol.

1st prize - Sheena Marie Flores of http://sweetandhappylife.blogspot.com/
2nd prize - Tanya Baldovino of  http://tardydresser.tumblr.com/
3rd prize - Jessica Banzuela of http://science-ofnice.blogspot.com/ 
Consolation prize - Michelle Palomar of http://makeverydayourunway.blogspot.com/ 
 International - Brooke Taylor 

CHICIFY x DE giveaway
1st (receipts pouch)- Josephine Gregorio 
2nd (suntek clutch) - Christine Awing
3rd (bead necklace)-  Elinor Semira

Congratulations!!! Will all contact you now na. :)


  1. congrats to all the winners!.. i didn't win huhu... :)

  2. Yehey! thanks so much! by the way, i'm not sure what DM means but I mentioned you in my tweet where I placed my email ad. :)


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